The Decision

Zoraan sighed. "Well, anyway, once you two have recovered, my soldiers will grant you safe passage across the land to Firaith's domain."

"Wait... the soldiers are following your orders now? What happened exactly when we got separated?" Shikashi asked, and Zoraan looked at Sveta.

"Shadis is dead, and father died this morning. I'm the only member of the royal family alive, and as such, I've been crowned king," Zoraan stated frankly, before bending down and whispering in Shikashi's ear. "But believe me, all this responsibility... it's really a load on one's shoulders."

Shikashi cracked a smile. "Well, I hardly believe you can be any worse than your brother."

"Oh, funny... very funny," Zoraan replied, smiling. "Sadly, this basically means farewell."

Sveta suddenly jolted upright. "Wait, what?"

"My brother and his... friend... have caused quite a bit of damage to the country, and as the new king it is my job to resuscitate it. Trust me, if I could, I'd go with you, but the chancellor won't have it. He's quite the stubborn old man." Zoraan sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"I understand-" Shikashi answered, but Zoraan raised his hand.

"Or at least, it WOULD be farewell, if I hadn't already been around the kingdom, saw what the damage was, and drew up a plan to deal with it. I'll just leave it to the chancellor to clean up... he's a capable man," Zoraan smiled. "Like I'm gonna let you two have all the fun!"

Shikashi's eyes widened. "When did you-"

"Before I met you guys. I had a feeling something like this would happen one day, so I prepared myself. I just didn't expect it to happen so soon." Zoraan answered.

Sveta couldn't help herself. She got out of bed and hugged Zoraan, smiling. "Thank you!" Zoraan and Shikashi were a little freaked by this, but Zoraan just shrugged and hugged back.

When he got Sveta back in her bed, he turned to Shikashi, and pulled out his katana, which had been confiscated by the guards when they had been arrested. "Here you are. However, if either of you attempt to attack Firaith before you're fully healed, I will personally kick both your butts for leaving me behind! And besides, you're both just a 200 year old man and a girl... what can you do by yourselves?"

"What?!" Shikashi and Sveta said in unison, angry.

Zoraan laughed. "What, I'm not allowed to tease my friends?"

"No." The two of them replied at once, and then the three of them laughed.

The End

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