Waking up


I woke up on a comfortable bed to two doctors staring shocked at me.

"His wounds are healing on their own. How can this be?"

"He is waking up."

"Uhhh." I groan sitting up, my mind clouded between the darkness of my mind and my own sanity.

"Sir, you healed pretty quick you interna..."

"Shut up!" I yell angerly for no reason," Sorry I'm fine, its a side effect of my that soul song." I mumble the last part.

The bed beside mine slept Sveta who obviously engaged Talyn. That Bastard! I can't believe I lost to him in my most terrifying form. He hardly even have to use his soul song. What had made him stronger? I couldn't afford to lose to him his beleifs are poisnous, he can manipulate people. He had to be stopped!

As I went to stand Zooran walked in wearing a kings uniform, Something must have happened while I was out.

"Nice to see you have recovered Shikashi." Zooran said," How is Sveta?" He asked one of the doctors.

"She said make a healthy recovery. These two a very lucky. That man has demonstrated his power before whole entire mountians will fall before him."

"Yeah but he was to much of a coward to fight me." Zooran said. I smiled.

"Anyways Shikashi Firaith is west of here, and I'm assembling a small group of men to assist us to fight him."

The End

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