Knight of the Wind

Zoraan was far from happy. He was now enraged. He stared at Shikashi, then at Sveta... both of whom were the strongest people he had ever met, and now lay bleeding and broken on the floor. His breathing changed, becoming incredibly difficult to control.

Then he remembered: anger never wins wars. Whenever he lost his temper, he became sloppy and easy to counter. He was now a king, and now he gave his command to his soldiers: "These two are to be treated and cared for. If either of them dies, I will have your heads." His voice was filled with barely controlled anger. His soldiers, responding with both reverence and fear, did as he commanded, and he looked at the rest.

"Alright, I want the coward that did this. Look everywhere. Go in groups of three. Search every inch of the castle... he may have manipulated my brother and my father... but if he thinks he can take the throne from me... he is sorely mistaken. I'd never hand it over to someone who can't even control a nation without a puppet."

"You're quite the rude one, aren't you?" A voice answered from the darkness. Standing before him, was Talyn.

"I am the rightful king of this land, not you. So why don't you be a good boy and stand down?" The twin brother of Shikashi asked mockingly.

Zoraan stared at him for a few moments, and then laughed. Talyn stared back, angry. "What is so funny?"

"My BROTHER would have made a better king than YOU. That's what I find so hilarious." Zoraan answered, drawing his sword. He rarely played this soul song, as he used it as his trump card. It doesn't matter how powerful someone was... if they couldn't hit the target, then all that power was worthless.

"If my brother couldn't beat me, then what makes you think YOU can?"

"You know, that's your problem," Zoraan answered, cracking his neck. "You always compare others to your brother. You may be a powerful warrior, I'll give you that... but power alone is nothing if you can't even use it properly. And from what I understand... you're just a spoiled brat."

Talyn, having never before been talked to in such a condescending tone, clenched his fist in anger. "Watch your words, you little kingling! I command-"

"Blah blah blah," Zoraan answered. "Let me put this in a way you'll understand, moron: this is MY kingdom, and I am the KING. Do you think I'm just gonna hand it over? I could care less who you are... one fact remains: you will lose to me."

Talyn's soul song flared when he heard this. The way Zoraan talked to him, the way he nonchalantly walked around... he wasn't afraid of him. WHY? It drove Talyn into a fit of rage trying to figure that out. He attacked...

But a soul song unlike any he heard before began to play.

Hey all (hey all) welcome to the greatest storm. I know (I know) you have waited much too long. And I (and I) I will be your shining star. I'm here (I'm here) better conquer fear and draw!

Talyn's eyes widened. "What in the-"

Zoraan struck. As fast as a bolt of lightning. The song made him incredibly fast, as well as protecting him with a cushion of wind around him. Talyn stared... Zoraan smiled back.

"What'cha think? Not bad, eh?" He smiled cockily. The song blared above Talyn's, as if to shout to the very heavens themselves.

"Hmph." Talyn answered. "I underestimated you... you're nothing like that pathetic brother of yours, or that weak old man you called a father... who exactly are you?"

"The song says it: I'm the knight of the wind. And I have no past to haunt me, I have no fears for the future. There is only the here and now. I am one with the wind, the storm, the lightning... I am a force of nature. And a true force of nature... would never bow to the likes of you."

Talyn answered by shaking his head. "It seems that there is nothing I can do to manipulate you. And while I could easily destroy you, you'd make it an extremely annoying task with that mouth of yours... so I will take my leave... for now."

"Smart move." Zoraan answered, sheathing his sword.

"But... know this... I'll be back to take this kingdom, and when that time comes... I won't hold back."

"Good... I enjoy a good tussle." Zoraan smirked, arms crossed.

The End

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