Massive battle

Dark Shikashi

Others had come to the scene between me and my oppenent but known could step any close in fear of annihilation.

Watch the blood flow!

my song got stronger as thrusted my blade forwards Talyn deflected the attack,  quickly attacking me with a strength I had never seen before. Bright red light collected around his hand hitting my souls darkness. Cracking it slightly and sending me backwards.

"Come one Shikashi!" Talyn urged. 

Each moment my sanity was slipping and my darkness was taking over, but with each second my strength got stronger. I wanted to kill, I wanted to see pain, and blood flooding the land.

I warned you but you still mess with my mind,there is no escape to rage I feel, nothing is real!

My soul bursted outward as I gained more power, my sights darkened, blood, pain! With little control I span forwards exchanging punches, and attacks with Talyn furthering destruction.  The air around us began to spin violently reacting to the our souls. I managed a few critical blows to Talyn. Spilling his crimson blood a smile broke across my lips. However Talyn only smiled back.

"A shame really I'm  not truly fighting my brother. Otherwise I could kill you now!"

He turned around gathering power before battering me down relentlessly weakening my soul, and wounding me badly. He brought me up then slammed me down making a huge crater in the middle of the Palace.

"I will fight you truly brother when you are stronger." He said as blood covered my face and my soul song began to fade.

The End

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