Just promise me something." Zoraan said sternly looking me in the eyes. 


"Could you please keep that bloodlust of yours in check? You tend to lose sight of your friends whenever you lose yourself in your song. How many times have you almost killed Shikashi or me?!" I dropped my head, a pang of guilt running through me. Zoraan walked up and put his hand on my shoulder. "I'm only concerned for you. You have friends now... you don't have to be alone anymore." His features softened to a light smile. 

"Zoraan..." I said blushing, my voice finding no words. 

"Well, in any event, you should be getting back to Shikashi. You guys need to get out of here..." Zoaraan trailed off, a heavy presence seemed to be weighing on his mind. At first my instinct was to run and hide, but something deep inside rebelled against the idea of leaving him, of leaving my only friends. 

"What about you?" I asked, trying to hide the worry in my voice. 

"With Shadis dead... I'm the crown prince. And with my father on his deathbed... I may very well be king of the nation. I need to explain this matter to everyone." My eyes fell to the floor. I knew that I had forced him into that position. By killing Shadis he would now be forced into kingship, a heritage Zoraan had abdicated. My chest tightened at the thought. Another drop of blood hit the ground breaking the silence between us. 

"Zoraan, I'm sor-" he held out his hand, cutting me off mid sentence as he shook his head. 

"It is the past Sveta, perhaps it is for the better..." he didn't sound so sure. I regained my feet and stood, with Zoraan's help. Using all my bloodlust and darkness had severely weakened me. I gritted my teeth and gripped Shadis's bloodied sword. "Sveta I must go, I have to tell everyone what has transpired here." A small smile twitched across his lips and he hugged me tightly. "I will see you again, I promise." He whispered that last sentence in my ear and took off running into the palace, leaving me alone with torn apart corpses. I shut my eyes and stayed my tears, it wasn't the first time I had been abandoned. A voice in my head told me, It wouldn't be the last. 

With Zoraan gone, my thoughts turned to Shikashi. He wasn't dead, of that I was sure. Unsteadily, I moved through the ghostly palace, passing by dead guards an prisoners alike. How many of these men did I kill? No, I pushed the thought away, if I stayed on that train of thoughts it could lead me to a place I really didn't need to be. Shikashi, where are you? A loud explosion rocked the ground, making the palace tremble. Decorations and pictures fell from the walls and clattered onto the floor. 

Waking the Demon, where did you run to!?

A soul song? I stopped instantly. I could feel it, feel him but something was wrong. The song was...different, darker. The song and a wave of fire crashed from the library, causing the building to groan and buckle. 

"Oh Shikashi, you always were the one to show off. You need to learn to embrace this form more often brother, it suits you well." A smooth voice chided.  Brother? Shikashi? Form? I moved at a light jog to the libraries threshold and gapped at what I saw. Fire was consuming everything in sight as two figures were locked in battle with each other. One I didn't recognize but he bore a stunning likeness to Shikashi. The other was covered in a black, flaming armor. His hands gripping a four foot long katana that was pressing into the new man's hand. 

"Give it up Tayln! I killed you once and I'll kill you again!" The voice was dark, heavy and angry but I knew its owner. Shikashi! That flaming armor is covering him. The other man smirked at the comment as though it were just and annoying fly. 

"That was 200 years ago, I've learned much since we parted ways." 200 years? The thought shocked me, how could they both be over 200 years old?!  The two parted contact and eyed each other dangerously. The room around them disintegrated, walls beginning to crumble. I yelped and jumped into the room to avoid the falling debris. Neither seemed to notice me as the battle resumed, intensified by each of their soul songs. 

The End

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