Meeting Tayln



The palace was on high alert, and my bleeding had stopped mostly, and thankfully I had secured my weapon and I was heading to the library being quick and efficient. Anyone who posed a threat to me would be severely wounded or killed. As I made my way to the library Talyn's song started playing but this time it got louder and stronger. Till the point I thought my brain was going to burst I never hear any soul song this loud. The noise died down , and then behind me heavy footsteps sounded with a hearty laugh.

"Shikashi!" His cold but jovial voice said loudly," Brother! How nice to see you! How long its been? " He then hummed," I think about two hundred years. How about you turn around and give your younger brother a hug!"

I turned but not give him a hug as I drew my sword, " Tayln how are you possibly alive? I killed you, I saw your body decompose." I said coldly and angrily.

"Well did you ever wonder why you were released from my spell, its because I broke the afterlife, its ironic my soul song has the power to escape from the afterlife which made me stronger. Its almost like fate Shikashi. I'm destined to rule this world. Plus I brought back the entities they fear me more than the messiah Shikashi."

"What are you trying to Say Talyn,I don't care how powerful you are. I would never join you if that's what you're looking for." I growl as my anger leaks into my control over my soul a anger song began to play my soul began to manifest completely obliterating anything within a ten meter radius however Talyn stood calmly dismissing my souls power as if it was nothing.  My skin began to change, I could feel the power as a dark flaming armour appeared.

2,3,4.....Helpless!My eyes are bleeding from the fear inside. You sealed your demise when you took what was mine. Don't try to stop me from avenging this world, no voice to be hear! Waking the Demon, where did you run to!?

I charged my sanity disappearing as flames, and destruction covered my vision, my sword hit his bare hand that he raised to block. Energy shot out destroying everything around us.


The End

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