Crown Prince

Zoraan picked up a sword from a fallen knight, and sheathed it on his back. It would take too much time to locate his own weapon, and so decided to improvise. Not that he intended to use it, but the thought of his brother using Sveta as a... a concubine was more than he could stand.

He looked around for Sveta or Shadis, knowing Shikashi could take care of himself for now. But not for too long. Zoraan made a mental note to check up on Shikashi after a few minutes.

He went to the passage that Zoraan knew was his brother's favorite, and noticed something was off immediately wrong. The air smelled of iron... of blood. It was intoxicating to even breathe the air. Zoraan placed his hand over his mouth and nose and continued to walk. Then he nearly tripped over something limp. He looked down...

"Brother..." Zoraan said, not exactly sad, but not exactly happy to see his little brother with his neck slashed. "You were a corrupt and foolish tyrant, thinking you could get away with anything, and for that, I HATED you... but... you were still my brother," He knelt down, and seeing his eyes opened in fear, glazed over by death's embrace, took his fingers and closed his eyelids and his mouth, giving him a peaceful expression. "You died a coward, not a warrior... and you were unfit for the crown. Perhaps if I hadn't abdicated my heritage... none of this would have happened."

Zoraan stood up, and shook his head. "But that is the past. And I vowed to never look back. This just leaves me and my father as the sole surviving members of the royal family... and dad is on his deathbed..." Zoraan seethed with disapproval. "Better find Sveta. She's probably at the end of this hallway."

Zoraan walked down the blood soaked hallway, getting more and more restless with each step he took. The bodies of guards and escaped prisoners littered the ground, torn apart by the jaws of a wolf. No doubt about it... Sveta was more than a little upset with how she was treated and, in a fit of rage, killed everything that stood between her and her path. He made a thankful prayer that he wasn't in her way when she was like this.

"Zoraan?" A voice spoke up from just ahead of him. He looked up and saw Sveta, her body covered in the blood of those she had felled. Zoraan, seeing her alive and okay, couldn't help but smile happily. Sveta suddenly became defensive. "What are you smiling about?"

Zoraan shook his head. "Oh, nothing. Just glad that you're okay. Can't say the same for my brother, however."

Sveta nodded. "I wonder... what would you have done if you found him first?"

"Beat the crap out of him until he begged me for mercy and then knock him out, throw him in a dungeon cell, and leave him to rot," Zoraan answered, somewhat perturbed at the question. "But what you did is in the past, and I do not blame you for doing what you did. Just promise me something."


"Could you please keep that temper of yours in check? You tend to lose sight of your friends whenever you lose yourself in your song. How many times have you almost killed Shikashi or me?" He walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder. "I'm only concerned for you. You have friends now... you don't have to be alone anymore."

"Zoraan..." Sveta blushed a bit, but remained composed.

"Well, in any event, we should be getting back to Shikashi. You guys need to get out of here..."

"What about you?"

"With Shadis dead... I'm the crown prince. And with my father on his deathbed... I may very well be king of the nation. I need to explain this matter to everyone."

The End

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