Blood and Fury


"Who is disturbing us!" Shadis snarled in forced defiance. His hand still holding the skimpy outfit he intended me to where. His eyes flicked to the open door where, Shikashi and Zoraan stood. Both eyed him angrily. 

"How?!" Shadis screamed but Zoraan took to the air, he was aiming to land a heavy fist in his brother's face.  Just as Zoraan moved to smash his brother a knight, from our earlier meeting, tackled him in mid air. Both landed on the ground only meters apart, Zoraan's song got louder with a flash of anger. Shikashi quickly summoned his soul song and broke my shackles into tiny metal fragments.

I rubbed my wrists and felt the darkness take hold in my moment of distraction. My song grew into a loud roar creating a shimmering aura around me. Vengence a voice purred in my head. I smashed a heavy fist into Shadis's face sending him across the room into a wall, the force cracked the wall and created and echoing boom. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a Knight, he smiled in amusement but failed to notice Zoraan's quick head butt. It knocked the knight to the ground. 

"Palace guardians!" Shadis shrieked pulling some sort of hidden switch causing him to disappear. I snarled, hunt, wound, kill, the voice screamed as my song picked up a feverish pace. Eight powerful soul songs soldiers flooded the room surrounding me and the other two. I threw my hands out to the side, feeling my soul pulse and shift taking form. It howled and gnashed it's teeth at one of the men. Another's song swirled into a hurricane, throwing loose items aside and causing blood to form into a series of invisible blades.

"Feel the fear." A voice said viciously. The battle broke out, songs warping and shifting, blades clashing and men screaming. The blood, the was intoxicating. 

"Shikashi, we retreat, and get the information!" A voice yelled as I picked up the fallen guard. He pleaded and begged making his end sweeter as my soul clamped it's starving jaws into his throat and tore it open in a bloody mess. I tossed the corpse through  a wall. More users of soul songs entered as I took off into the palace. I tracked the blood from Shadis through a winding series of corridors and stairs. My canine soul song keeping right at my side. A man shouted in pain, stopping me in my tracks. Shadis, I narrowed my eyes and tore the door from it's hinges. My eyes locked onto the rat man, my soul howled in delight. 

This change, she won't contain, Slip away, to clear your mind. When asked, who made it show, The truth, she gives in to most. So lay down, the threat is real, When her sight goes red again. 

Shadis drew his weapon, his soul song starting weakly but finding a hold of momentum. 

"I am going to kill you," I said, enjoying the darkness flowing through me and into my voice. Shadis flinched but pointed his sword at me and charged. I jumped to the right, my soul to the left and we attacked from behind. His soul swirled around him like a shield, deflecting each strike. I moved back and panted, adrenaline pumping into my veins. I picked up a stray blade from a desk and chucked it.

Shadis grinned and deflected it, giving my soul enough time to take advantage of his distraction. It's jaws clamped tightly around his leg and snarled. Blood splashed onto the dark hardwood floor, it's metallic scent filling my nose. I quickly closed the gap between us. Shadis screamed and trembled at the sight of his own blood, he was like a child. 

"You b*tch!" He howled swinging his large blade at me. I jumped back but not quick enough. The steel struck me across the left shoulder, drawing blood and digging deep into the tissue. My song, wavered for a moment but then grew stronger as I stood. 

"No! NO! Your not human! Your-" I clamped my good hand around his throat squeezing tightly and cutting him off mid sentence. He writhed like a snake in my grasp as my soul released him and shifted its power into me. Shadis's eyes bulged, his nails clawing at my skin to get me to release him. 

"Can you see my power now Shadis? Don't tell me you haven't enjoyed our time together?" I asked dangerously, a twisted smile formed across my lips. "Tell me Shadis, do I have pretty golden eyes now?" He couldn't respond, the air quickly vacating his lungs. Shadis dropped his weapon which my souls swirled around and lifted into the air. I licked my lips as the blade pressed lightly against his neck, he whimpered loudly.

"Shadis Koles, I condemn you to death. May you burn in the blackest pit of hell!" The blade slashed across his throat and and explosion of blood covered my robes. His eyes grew bright with pain and fear but then glazed with the clasp of death. Shadis stopped struggling, it was over. I flung his body against a wall and took his weapon, calmly walking from the bloody massacre.  As I moved down the hallways, surprised men appeared. Each one met their end in a flash of crimson. It didn't matter who they were, I was leaving.

It took me only a few minutes to reach the outside and escape the confines of the palace. My soul embed and slowed, my body felt tired and worn. When my song came to a stop I collapsed against a large tree trunk. Shadis's blood still dripping from me and onto the grassy floor. Perfect, I thought as my eyes closed, sleep overtaking me. It had been a long time since my darkness had been barely withheld only to be released in tidal wave of fury and hunger. My mind then flashed to a picture of two people; Shikashi and Zoraan. I gasped and flashed awake. Had I killed them in the throws of my darkness?

The End

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