Not as easy as first thought



Before Zooran came forwards with his plan I was considering using my brothers arts to destroy the soul restraining shackles, however I knew what effects those arts had on the environment around me, and what they would do to my mind. Thankfully I did not have to resort to using what he would call "magic."

"Lets get Sveta quickly. I don't want to know what Sveta will do to him if we leave him enough time with her for him to touch her." Zooran said not really concerned for Shadis but at the same time something about the idea of Sveta carving his brother had some sort of effect.

"I agree, we should then get our weapons." I said feeling mighty uncomfortable being separated from my sword.

With that we took off down the halls, releasing other prisoners to confuse and overwhelm the unsuspecting guards. As we lead the mob of our ready made distraction up a flight of stairs I felt a cold presence, a very strong presence as if I was feeling a soul. I could here faint music but not enough to identify it until I heard the the lyrics

Like walking into a dream , so unlike what you've seen, so unsure but it seems.

Because we've been waiting for you!

The song echoed off the walls before fading away making me stop,  only one person that could belong to. Talyn Pillar. 

"Did you hear that soul song?" I asked Zooran quietly.

"huh? No, don't think I heard a thing, are you okay?"

"Yeah." A shake my head, maybe it was just me, but I couldn't shake the feeling of the cold presence that I felt.

As we continued on we executed our distraction as we headed to the throne room which had a full unit of guards guarding the massive door leading to the only entrance into the throne room.

"Alright the prisoners should be enough of a distraction to..."

You  walk on like a woman in suffering! Won't even bother to tell me why!

Zooran quieted as the early blood tainted wind blew into the room breaking the stained windows, and bringing fear into the room with it The volume of the song amplified as my soul grew even stronger.

You come alone letting us savor the moment, leaving me broken another time.

The wind came along to the frightened soldiers they were defenceless as the fell to the ground and all the spaces  between the plates in the armour leaked out blood.

You come along like a blood stained hurricane, leave me alone, let me be this time!

I let the song fade as the halls once again returned to silence, Zooran looked at me, not scared but knowing we had different rule about engaging enemy's, his was honest, mine was much like war, if it allows you to win. Use it. We quickly ran past the pulverized guards, opening the doors with a bang, inside Shadis was pushing sveta to wear some obscure piece of clothing.

"Who is disturbing us!" He yelled anger filling his voice but lacking power behind it. Were these two really descendents of Thora, who had a presence which would could make any man feel insignifgant, and a voice that even the god of thunder would be jealous of.  He turned to look at his two prisoners in shock.

"How???"He screamed but Zooran didn't let him finish as he sailed across the room ready to punch Shadis in the face but the knight from earlier intercepts him in mid air. Both landed on the ground only meters apart, Zoorans song got louder. I wanted to draw my blade but it wasn't there instead I called upon my soul to cut Sveta's shackles. She now in the right distance was able to hit Shadis very hard in the face causing him to fly across the room into a wall causing it crack slightly. The Knight smiled in amusement watching Sveta's fury. However as he gazed at Sveta he didn't see Zooran's quick to the head sending him onto the ground.

" Palace guardians!" Shadis shrieked pulling some sort of hidden switch causing him to disappear, and from behind me a group of eight powerful soul songs soldiers flooded the room.

"Is that it for guardians?" I said in disbelief.

"There's more but they probably busing trying to suppress the prisoners Shikashi, Also don't under estimate them they are lieutenant levelled soldiers. "

"Whatever that means." I mumble summoning my song the hurricane of wind throwing loose items aside as the blood formed a series of invisible blades.

"Feel the fear." I say in a low voice forcing my right palm forwards forcing four of them back however their souls were able to block the blades, I still was far to weak to be fighting other experienced soul songs.

"Shikashi, we retreat, and get the information!" Zooran yelled as Sveta made the knight from earlier crash through walls, and an exit opened up from behind Zooran, but however the exit then filled with more users of soul songs. Chaos erupted as we were surrounded, souls manifested and a the true battle unfolded.

With eight lieutenant classed soul songs came at me the Sveta and Zooran were drowned out by battle.

Seeing you laugh another time, you'll never know why your face has haunted me. My very soul has to bleed this time!

Using my palms to direct the wind and the bloody wind blades was hard but I was able to block the attacks that my opponents threw at me, but I wished to hold my blades in my hands. Beside me the palace guardian his soul was projectiles of flame, while the other seven used their soul song to boost their physical prowess. I flipped into the air narrowly avoiding a combined attack. Now I they were all open I concentrated the winds and blades into a ball in my palm, and released upon them throwing them apart and managing to take a few them out of the battle. however the attack had a price as flaming projectile hit me on the shoulder twice, before another few hitting spots across my torso causing me to hit the ground spitting blood. Luckily the attack had caused me to hide myself in the chaos in the throne room giving me the chance to escape.

Outside the throne room holding my wounds bleeding slightly I tried to locate Zooran or Sveta but it looked like the palace guardians had split us up.  This was troublesome, but perhaps if I stayed on target of getting my Sword back, and finding out the positions of Firaith I would meet up with them.


The End

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