The Dungeons

Zoraan and Shikashi were led into the dungeons, where they were put into separate cells and their shackles left on. Shikashi shook his head. "Well, Prince, look at this fine mess you got us into." He said, venom in his voice.

Zoraan, sitting in the cell across from him, just smiled. "Actually, we're right where I want us to be... at least at the moment. The only miscalculation on my part was Shadis taking an interest in Sveta. But he won't have much time to enjoy her."

Shikashi looked at him, surprised. "You mean... you PLANNED this?"

"Listen, if we had gotten away from those soldiers, they would have hunted us to the ends of the earth. My brother would also increase the guards due to his cowardly nature. We never would have made it into the palace then... but if I let ourselves be captured, then we'd be in the palace, and Shadis, fool as he is, would relax his guard, not thinking that I know of a way to escape." Zoraan walked to his matted cot, wrapped the shackles' chain around one of the legs, placed his foot down and pulled with his arms. His hands slipped out of the shackles after a few moments of tugging, and he sat down on his cot, thinking and rubbing his hands.

"That's... actually quite brilliant, now that I think about it." Shikashi answered.

"When you live in the palace as long as I have, you tend to learn how to navigate your way through it... and I made it a necessity to have an escape route planned ahead of time in case my brother got lucky," Zoraan reached into his boot and pulled out a skeleton key. "It's also a good thing they didn't check in my boots, otherwise we'd be stuck a little longer."

He opened the door, but just then he heard a guard approach, and knowing that the sound of the door closing would be too noisy, decided to leave it open and fell to the ground, to look like someone had come in and beaten the crap out of him. The guard immediately noticed the opened door, and then saw what he believed to be an unconscious Zoraan, ran up to him and checked to see if he was alright. That's it, you dolt. Just stay there for a few more second, Zoraan thought to himself.

Zoraan jumped up, slammed his knee into the guy's nethers, and he fell down, wheezing in pain. Zoraan slammed his boot into the guy's face, knocking him out, then grabbed the keys and put the shackles on the guard, and then took the bedsheet and gagged him for good measure.

He walked out of his cell, and approached Shikashi's. "Now, let's say we wake Prince Shadis up from his little dream of luxury?"

Shikashi smiled at him. "What do you have in mind?"

"It's time for a jailbreak."

The End

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