I could tell something between the two was different but I decided not to push the issue.  I was probably better off trying to think of the best way to get through a bunch of moronic palace gaurds, and best root of strategy. I wondered how much the palace had changed over the last 2oo hundred years. After dinner all of us we did our own thing. I decided sleep was the best way to recover my weakened soul.

Morning however came to soon as I awoke orange light of a sunrise, how I had longed to see one for so long. I scrambled to find a spot to watch it in peace.  It was very beautiful indeed but part of me wanted to tear the sun in half to see the chaos that would ensue.  Then I thought it would probably just bring massive amount of death, and chaos. A smile crossed my face before I decided to change my train of though to something else. As I switched to what I wanted to do today Zooran woke up quickly changing the mood of things around camp which by then Sveta came from the forest already suited up for today.

"Alright lets get a move on then." I say packing everything up and following Zooran's lead us towards the Palace.

As we carried on we mostly kept quiet as Zooran's unease rised with each step, we avoided roads as much as possible, until Zooran stopped suddenly along with his soul song.Sveta did too without asking a question.

"What's going on?"

"Something Strange around here." Zooran said pausing, I looked around to see a waterfall and light amount of trees and short grass along with an assortment of  colourful flowers," soldiers!" He yelled as arrows came from all directions raining down upon us as men in armour charged forwards. With little time I begin playing my song making me impervious to the arrows.

you can't bring me can't bring me down....Back in the day when nothing really mattered to me.

The lines played as I took my blade and quickly brought three knights down by simply moving my wrist the strength alone could break boulders but I held back. An archer got a good shot from behind and fired at my neck however nothing is faster than my soul as I turned around and made my soul made the attack to hit archer, but within seconds we were surrounded by a hundred men, and we were all back to back.

"Ah the prince has returned, a knight said taking his helmet off. He's returned with two expert warriors no less! Has he come back to take the throne from his father?"

"Like I ever wanted such a position." Zooran spat punching the knight in the face using his soul song but the knight did not even move from the punch.

"That was pretty weak, let me show you my song prince!"

the song started with a single line but quickly turned into screaming.

Ya let it burn!

He then kicked Zooran up causing him to sail into the waterfall.

Sveta retaliated by throwing her Balisong dagger

just lay down....You've got me were I'm needed I'll hold out just as long as you, don't worry.

He deflected the dagger and kept in the same pace as Sveta's quick movements, which were almost unseeable to the blind eye.

"Sveta move out of the way!" I yell as wind tainted with blood picked up I sliced at him but he was able to dodge both my blade and even my souls blade.

"team effort now." The Knight mused, I made my souls blade bond to my sword but I was still weak from yesterday's fight with firaith.

"Stop!"Zooran yelled," We surrender!"

What! I screamed in my mind.

The End

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