Fear and Respect

Zoraan looked at Sveta, and saw how uncomfortable she was now, knowing that he saw her bloodlust and her power. The very thought sent a chill down his spine, but he didn't want to be. Deep down, Sveta was still the same person... someone who had to make it up as she went long, someone who had a hard life. Two years ago, before he met her, he wouldn't have cared... but now...

"Did I miss something?" Shikashi asked Zoraan, and he turned to look at him for a second, then back at Sveta.

Zoraan stared into her eyes, and exchanged a wordless conversation through their eyes. Should I tell him? was what his eyes asked Sveta's. She turned away in response.

Zoraan sighed. "Well, I have a lot more respect for Sveta now. She really knows how to handle herself in the wilds. I'm personally glad she's with us. I can tell you this right now, Shikashi... we'd be dead if not for her."

Sveta looked up and stared at him, and saw a warm smile spread across his face. Shikashi looked at the two of them, shook his head, and responded: "Anyway, now that we have some venison for tonight, we'll at least be well fed."

Sveta nodded silently, then looked at Zoraan once again. Thank you, Sveta's eyes answered.

Zoraan smiled again, and began to laugh warmly. Briefly, Sveta cracked a smile, but remained mostly quiet and pensive.

But that single smile made Zoraan happy.

The End

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