Moving out


"Sure." I replied hastily grabbing my stuff.

With little effort the three sneaked out through the back door, and quickly into the wilderness. Once we were at a safe distance we stopped in ring of trees, with a patch of grass, and a brook running through the middle.

"We need to grab supplies, and maybe a couple tents, armour would be useful to. But I'm pretty sure this currency is useless." I said digging into my pocket bringing out two rocks with a symbol of flaming circle, and infinite sign.

"Ya, I think only little kids would accept those as money." Zooran laughed.

"I have everything I need."  Sveta said coldly.

"Since I left the palace I haven't really got the money for that kind of stuff." Zooran said.

"Guess we'll have to make do with what we've got then. But when we run into Firaith's men we should take all their money, and supplies."

"hmm I guess you would know where they would be?"

"Actually no. but We could start on the plains where I met firaith, but who knows where he is."

"Your father would have that information at his finger tips." Sveta said with contempt.

"Yes he would, and it would save alot of time. Perhaps we should sneak into your fathers temple and get the information for ourselves."

"There is no way I'm going back there!" Zooran said loudly.

"Would you rather waste your time out here hungry, and not knowing where our enemy is?!" Sveta yelled at him.

"Quiet both of you. Zooran you can lead us to your father's Palace and you can hang back while Sveta and I infiltrate the palace, and maybe even start a good fight." I smile knowing he might actually agree to this if given the fact there would be a good fight. 

The End

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