A Smile

Zoraan sat there for a second and thought about the choice set before him. "Hmm... on one hand, I could simply walk away, not having to concern myself with either of you ever again..." He looked at Sveta then, and, to her surprise, smiled at her. "But... I always wanted to experience what it was like to have a sister... instead of that stuck-up brother of mine, Shadis. Hey, I feel like we're friends already!"

"Then what was with the attitude?" Sveta asked, raising an eyebrow. "You seemed like you were spoiling for a fight."

"That's just who I am... don't take it so personally. I may talk tough and act tough, but in all honesty, you scare me. I'd rather not fight you if it can be avoided," He said this with honesty in his voice, but Sveta backed off, simply astounded by his sudden change in behavior. "Besides, you're just so much fun to play with!"

Sveta immediately scowled. "How dare you-"

"Hey, he told me to treat you like a sister. I'm treating you like a sibling."

"I didn't mean literally." Shikashi stated flatly.

"So I should tone it down a bit?"

"Yes." Shikashi and Sveta spoke in unison.

"Okay," Zoraan smiled, then happened to look out the window. "Uh... could we... get a move on? It seems my father's troops are here, probably looking for me... not even five minutes after we formed a group... and I'm already causing trouble."

The End

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