" can't tell me you've been to every land this world beholds." My eyes stayed locked on shikashi. He has no idea what I have seen in my life. With a smile he continued. "Anyways I guess this is where we split paths unless you two are willing to join me on a campaign against those who plague this land with fire?"

A soft sigh passed my lips, why would this man I've only known for five minutes ask such a question? We weren't friends...were we? I cocked my head at the odd thought. My entire life not one single person cared for me or what I thought. I had no family and living on the streets was like being reduced to a stray dog, only to be beaten and shouted at. Cruelty, that's just the way humanity was and every single person deserved their death.

"Sveta?" Shikashi asked me, his deep blue eyes peered at me, halting at the golden gates of my own eyes. I looked to the red and black 15 tattooed under his eye, what reason do I have to fight this Firaith? My balisong swung back and forth in my grasp, it's crimson blade glittering. You'll get the chance to take a few more from this world, a voice whispered in my head. Reluctantly I gave a slight nod, prompting Shikashi to grin.

"I will come, as long as Zoraan keeps his self-absorbed comments to himself." Turning to the denounced prince, I narrowed my eyes. "Or else I have no qualms with taking your life like I should have two years ago. Blood is blood, and people all bleed the same when stuck like a pig." Zoraan's eyes widened at me but he said nothing.

"I'm glad you decided to come Sveta, maybe while we travel I can teach you how to properly control your songs." My blood began to boil but I took a deep breath, I can't show that he's getting to me. After all he's the one who's hiding something about his past.

"I'm in control," I said my voice sounded less assured than I had intended. Zoraan snorted and propped his feet on the table, chuckling.

"Sure you are, assassin. I saw the way you were lulled, hypnotized by the blood and death. Taken over by the fervor of battle, possessed." My balisong slammed into the already cracked table, making the surface look like melting ice. Shikashi gave me a warning look, but I made no aggressive moves. He then turned to Zoraan.

"Sveta has agreed to follow me, what about former prince? Will you follow me, even if it is to the gates of hell itself? Can a man like you set aside your differences with Sveta and treat her like a sister?" Shikashi leaned back in his seat as my eyes turned to Zoraan, half expecting the man to just get up and walk away. Then again, he wasn't that type of person, to ever back down from a challenge.

The End

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