"A continuation of our last confrontation, eh? If that is what you want, I will be happy to oblige," Zoraan smirked, a sight that enraged Sveta even more. "But so far, you hardly know a thing about what my songs are capable of... is it a smart move to challenge someone like me?"

They were both standing now, and I  cared not to see another battle especially if it was a pointless one.

"ENOUGH!" I slammed my fist into the table cracking," If you two will fight I will make sure both of you will learn why you have been given the ability of the songs!" I say

"That's rich coming from someone who depended on our powers today in battle." Sveta shot. I felt hot anger falling through my vains at the thought of me relying on these brats for anything. Even with my soul in such weak condition I managed to amplify the songs of my soul.  The beginning of the song shaded the lights within the bar as the tables shook. 

You walk on like a woman in suffering!

The bar quickly emptied as the music began to fade. The two sat down, they weren't scared but neither were they in the mood to fight anymore.

"So what about you Shikashi, are you've been pretty quiet about yourself?" Zooran asks.

" I grew up with a twin brother with soul song. We at a young age were pressed into service for the king as divine gaurds and messengers."

"You mean my father?" Zooran asked with a sucpisouse tone.

"No I served a king in a far off land. However when we reached the age of 16 my brother had different Ideas. With many supporters behind him he split the country in two. Since then I have known nothing but battle." I lied partially.

"So you're just a royal guard then." Zooran said.

"I would like to think of myself more than some pathetic sovereigns guard, because I will destroy evil on this world. But if that's the view you want to take then yes."

"I've explored the world as an assassin, and I've never encountered such a country or battle that you have spoke of." Sveta said seeing through my slight deception.

" I never said the land was big." I grinned," and you can't tell me you've been to every land this world beholds. Anyways I guess this is where we split paths unless you two are willing to join me on a campaign against those who plague this land with fire." 

The End

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