The Cocky Prince

Suddenly, and without warning, Zoraan began to laugh to himself. Sveta and Shikashi stared at him, as if he had just lost his mind. Zoraan composed himself and looked at Sveta.

"I harbor no ill will towards you, Sveta. At the time, when you had the dagger pressed against my throat, it felt like staring at death itself. But you know what? I wasn't afraid. I could hear your soul song then, and I knew I had met someone a lot like me, but had taken a different road, had a different outlook on life... that's the reason why I abdicated. I couldn't stand being in that palace, surrounded by all those boot licking morons, kissing up to my father and myself, hoping to gain favor. I couldn't take it anymore, so I left... and now, I take it day by day, never looking back at the past, nor worrying what tomorrow may bring. There is only the now."

Shikashi looked at him and thought about what he said. "You've put a lot of thought into this, haven't you?"

"And I have you to thank, Sveta. Everyone else may fear death... but I don't. Nor am I afraid of that wolf song of yours. It's not like you can hurt me as I am now."

Sveta stood up, anger in her eyes. "How dare you! I ought to take you outside and have you torn apart by my wolf song! Maybe then I won't have to hear your disrespectful comments!"

"A continuation of our last confrontation, eh? If that is what you want, I will be happy to oblige," Zoraan smirked, a sight that enraged Sveta even more. "But so far, you hardly know a thing about what my songs are capable of... is it a smart move to challenge someone like me?"

The End

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