I am Death


I watched the battle from the shadows of the forest, feeling myself loose a hold of my song. The words began to grow louder and louder as they solidified before me once again. 

All is lost again, But I'm not giving in. I will not bow, I will not break. I will shut the world away. I will not fall, I will not fade, I will take your breath away. FALL! 

My soul and I howled together as I tossed a my three  Stilettos into the battle striking the soldiers in there throats. Sprays of crimson erupted into the air as I dove into the fray. Zoraan and Shikashi were fighting back to back as soldiers began to fall around them, blood beginning to pool around their feet. The song, still in it's wolfen form snarled and growled, slashing at the men. Zoraan turned to see me, his eyes wide. I knew from that moment he recognized me as his would-be assassin, but I didn't care. I was in a moment of battle, caught in the movement of my soul song and screams. Two men were left, dropping their weapons and sprinting away as fast as they could. 

"No," I whispered tossing my balisong. The special blade soared through the air, lodging in one mans back. The wolf song charged after the other man tearing open his stomach and splashing organs across the cobble stone pavement. Movement suddenly caught my eye causing me to spin around and bring my hand around the man's throat. 

"Sveta!" Shikashi choked. "It's me!" I could hear the wolf snarl one last lyric of the song as it disappeared into the air. 


My hand released his throat allowing him to speak."Are you ok?" Both of their eyes wide with surprise. I took a few deep breaths and composed myself, pulling my hood back over my head and retrieving my balisong and stiletto blades. 

"I am fine." Zoraan narrowed his eyes at me. "Yes Prince Koles, I am the assassin who tried to kill not 2 years ago. I dare you, kill me now!" There was a tense moment of silence before a large grin spread across Zoraan's face as he chuckled heartedly. 

"Sveta, if that is your name, I have renounced my birth right as a prince. I am just Zoraan Koles." I shook my head. Shikashi and Zoraan cannot be trusted! I turned my back to the men, wishing to be alone once more just like when I was young. As a child no one bothered me. The streets were my home and had only my soul songs as companions. Being alone was a peace that you learned to love.

"Come, you wanted me to show you the town Shikashi." I turned from the men ans started towards the town, not checking to see if they followed. Crowds of people parted at my dark figure allowing me and the two men to pass unimpeded. Finally after a few minutes we reached the towns only inn.

"Why is it that the people fear you so?" Shikashi asked as we stepped inside. The bar made stood and lead us to an empty table. She took the mens orders and hurried off. 

"I am death in this city. I am the last one most people of this city see before they die. It's nothing personal, I just...enjoy my job."

"You mean you enjoy death," Zoraan said somberly "I saw the way you fought those soldiers. Your soul song taking the form of a wolf and fighting in a bloody massacre. Oh, that was another thing I wanted to ask you. Your the first Soul song I've seen that lets your song take a physical form, why?" I threw back my hood, my golden eyes piercing into his soul.

"I don't appreciate all the questions! But to sate your curiosity let's just say, as a wolf, my soul and I understand each other. It is my only companion, we know each other, train with each other, and kill together. I have no friends and no need for them. Live is too cold for their to be trust between humans. " I chuckled. "Death is the only sure thing to place trust in." Zoraan and Shikashi looked at me, then to each other. A look of horror playing on their faces. They had obviously never met an assassin before.

"How old are you?" Shikashi asked.

"21 and before you ask yes I have three soul songs. And no you may not ask how that happened." The Bar maid returned with the men's drinks, I thanked her and handed over a few golden coins. Silence once again was restored while the three of us sat at the table. Tired, I began to play with my balisong, opening and closing the blade. 

The End

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