The Town of Shrattra



"Lighten up you guys. I like to listen to my music. After all it is who I am. If I worried all the time.. I WOULDN'T HAVE ANY FUN!"

"Idiot!" Sveta hissed," No one likes people who are different. Do you want to become the militaries dog?"

"Is that how it is in this time? In my time those who carried the gift of the soul song were treated like gods. They believed we were Descendents of the Messiah who created man kind, and we are man kinds guardians."

"You know you don't like that old to be saying in my time." Zooran said.

"I am 25 yes, but..." they probably think I would be insane to say that I was frozen by my dying brother two hundred years ago," Well lets just say you will think I'm insane if I tell you where I come from." I finish

"Lets go. I wish not to be here any longer." Sveta said.

"Alright then!" Zooran said deciding to join us. It was strange mix us three, Sveta from the last few minutes spent with her I could tell she was hiding something, it wasn't hard to tell through all the clothing she had on. Also she was quiet, and I had a feeling she did not trust me or Zooran. From the last minute talking to Zooran he was very laid back, and willing to prove himself he probably never hesitated once in his life.  Then there was me , a dangerous but weakened warrior who knew little of the time, and was essentially was lost in what was my next move. I no longer had the connections I had two hundred years back. Also guaranteed on my like my money had no value in this time. Guess I would have to see how things played out, I at least had patients on my side, or did I lose the luxury of time when I attacked Firaith?

"Hey Shikashi, you didn't answer my question about the pillar of flames?"

"If you must know it was created by the flame entity Firaith. You would know that name well if you have ever read the scriptures of creation. Dodgy peices of writing yes but if you take out what is true and what isn't you will find that our world has far more magic in it than people like to think. " Judging by both of thier blank faces they have never heard of Firaith,"Alright just imagine a huge dragon like thing with wings, a lion like face. With flames coming off just about every surface of his body. He has the power to control all the fire in the world and make whole nations turn to ash if he wanted to."

They said nothing as we continued onto the village. When the trees began to open up to reveal the village it was rather comforting to see houses at least for me who has been standing in the same place for two hundred years. But the comfort was taken away when shouting erupted on the streets, and a large group of men wearing armour where pillaging the village. Without hesitation Zooran jumped into the frey his soul song getting louder. I drew my sword  knowing I could not let innocent people die. As I charged in I did not realize I had no Idea where Sveta went. It was like she disappeared into the shadows.  In the frey most of the men were on horseback  but it did not matter to me for my blade was both sharp and long enough to make them fall from their perch. None of the men were very skilled swordsmen as each of them fell before my blade with little effort.

Up ahead I saw Zooran surrounded his soul song was blaring but he was only using it to boost his physical strength. He was skilled I would admit but there was something about those armoured soldiers that surrounded him.  I swept aside two men who shook in their boots as I walked towards them slicing thier weapons in half. When I got to Zoorans positions he managed to knock down some of the armoured men. He grinned as he turned around getting the soldier in the face.  But yet no matter how many punches Zooran gave the armoured men stood up.

"I like this you guys just never give up!" Zooran says going for a punch while behind him a armoured man took his axe ready to cleave his vulnerable back.  I stepped in bringing my sword across stopping the strong blow that would have killed Zooran easily.

"Hey these guys are mine!" Zooran said as I forced the axed solider back, and slice his midsection of amour cutting it in hald to reveal these armoured men were not men.

"Sorry, Zooran, the rest of these men were to easy. I needed a challenge."  I say avoiding a spear in and a broadswords killer edges.

"What are these!" Zooran yelled as he saw the walking mid section of a piece of armour while its top half tried to get itself back on its bottom half.

"I don't know but your going to have to bring out more of your souls song if you want to destroy them."

"Why don't you?"

I have used up all my souls strength earlier." I replied twirling around with a very strong swipe of my blade that cleaved my opponents weapons.

Zooran ducked under a flail and powerfully uppercutted one of them into the air, I admired that he did not need a weapon to overpower these things, I wondered if I could do the same if I were able to use my souls song.


The End

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