"Are you okay?" I asked, finally remembering I could speak. The hum of my soul song mixing with his whispered in my ears. 

"I believe so. Sorry to be quick to ask but you don't happen to be a servant of Firaith are you?" he responded looking at me warily. 

"Uh no, I'm not." I didn't even know who Firaith was...

"Good."  He muttered looking towards the burned field, then quickly sheathed his sword. "Sorry, erm , can you take me to closest village, town or, city. By the way my name is Shikashi." I mulled the name over trying to remember if it was familiar, it wasn't.

"Uh sure. Mine is Sveta." I responded, still unsure of the man. He had to be a few years older than me.

"Thank you Sveta." I nodded and began to lead him towards the tiny village. Thoughts floated through my head, so many questions pained to be asked but I remained silent. In the world I had grown up in silence was golden. The less I knew of this man, the less he'd want to know of me. The forest once again surrounded me with it's tranquility. Shikashi walked next to me observing the land around us. 

"Where are we?" he asked. 

"Shattra," I responded. "This town is small only about two hundred and fifty people call this place home."

"Do you?" I kept my mouth shut. Don't tell him anything, a voice spoke in my mind. Shikashi cocked his head and looked at me, obviously not used to silence. "Can you hear me well?" he asked trying not to be rude. I pulled my hood back over my head, my hand tensing around my balisong concealed in my hand. 

"I hear you clearly," my voice was icy, getting my message across. My eyes began to look up when a new figure caught my eyes. Short, dirty blond hair  covered his face. He also wore a red undershirt and black jeans along with a black longcoat that he hadn't bothered to button up. Metal gauntlets and greaves served as the new man's armor. Great what now?! I inwardly scoffed. The man wore an overly happy smile as he strutted towards us.

"Hello Friends," he called out in a warm voice " There was a pillar of flames it the sky not long ago, do you know what or where it came from?" I glared at him, my golden eyes showing through the shadows covering my face.

"I know nothing, I only found this man." I gestured to Shikashi at my side, who kicked the dirt. The newcomer grinned at Shikashi and shook his hand.

"I'm Zorran Koles. Good to meet you Shikashi and..." he trailed off not knowing my name. I could feel my soul song growing restless and uneasy. It was growing harder and harder to control. In the air around me I could feel and see the shimmer of small crimson particles, the song playing it's melody in my mind. 

Now the dark begins to rise. Save your breath, it's far from over. Leave the lost and dead behind. Now's your chance to run for cover. 

I took a deep breath, holding onto my power...for now. 

"Sveta." I replied, a hint of strain in my voice. Zorran nodded and gave a slight bow. 

"Pleasure to meet you my lady." I eyed him warily, were the two going to ambush me? Try and kill me for a reward? There were few options if the two were working together and faking the whole thing. Zorran looked at me, a funny expression playing on his face. Could he hear my Soul Song? 



The End

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