My soul had taken damage from the ferocity of that attack in fact my souls song was weak. My body however was in pristine condition so all I needed was time without using my soul to boost my attack power, or do anything with it.  But what was strange I heard a souls song but it couldn't possibly be my own. I opened my eyes to see a girl with golden eyes.  She began to smile.  I looked around to see the sky was normal but the fury of the flames had even reached here even though the remaining strands of energy from the fight were 10 kilometres away.  I was glad my soul had protected me from everything. I would have been killed the seconds before that attack had even hit me. I got up looking back at the girl.

"Are you okay?" She asked, finally saying something.

" I believe so. Sorry to be quick to ask but you don't happen to be a servant of Firaith are you?"

"Uh no, I'm not."

"Good." I mutter looking towards the burned battle field, I was far to weak to dare to walk to face what Firaith had in stock.  I held my chest feeling a pain different than a physical pain. My sword had many fissures running down it. The must have made the nearly unbreakable metal soft.  I looked at the smooth black metal saddened by the thought, then quickly sheathed it. 

"Sorry, erm , can you take me to closest village, town or, city. By the way my name is Shikashi."

"Uh sure. Mine is Sveta."

"Thank you Sveta."


Firaith stood breathing hard, he felt a heavy pressure on him causing him to turn into the pathetic human form he had earlier.

"Guess I over did it a bit." He said looking down on his hands seeing only a little puff of fire," Worse thing is I didn't even kill him." Firaith said not exactly disappointed, as he looked off in the distance. The entity then swept himself in a warm breeze into his charred mountain castle.  Human servants instantly greeted him as he walked towards the throne room. The castle halls were carved out of obsidian, and the walls were decorated with red gems. Firaith looked at in disgust.

"Only you humans love such luxury's" He growled as they entered a throne boasting greatness, and colour furthering Firaiths anger.

"A Firaith, I've been waiting quite a while now! Where have you been? Said laying across his throan casually Firaith however did not get angry at this sight, in fact quite the opposite, as his hand twitched nervously.

The End

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