Zoraan stretched as he walked out into the sunlight. "What a wonderful match! It's good to just vent some frustration from time to time."

His companion, a small old man witha cane, named Dmitri, looked up at him. "What could possibly make you frustrated? You're the most laid back kind of person there is!"

Zoraan laughed. "I'd rather not talk about it."


"I have... certain obligations that I would love to get away from." Zoraan sighed.

"Such as?"

Zoraan turned to answer, but then a huge pillar of fire could be seen in the distance. He opened his eyes wide and then spoke rapidly: "Well, would you look at that, a volcanic eruption. I'm gonna go fix it. We'll continue this conversation never."

Before Dmitri could stop him, he ran off, headed in the direction of the flaming pillar. Dmitri shook his head. "Now what could possibly stress out that young man?"

Suddenly a bunch of palace guards showed up and came up to Dmitri. "Hey, old man, have you seen Prince Koles around here by any chance?"

Dmitri blinked. "Can't say that I have. Don't know anybody by the name of Koles..."

"Alright men, move out!"

Dmitri went back to look in the direction of the fire pillar. "I wonder what Zoraan was hiding from me..."


Is it me? You say? You're lookin' for? Let me show you who I am and what I'm here for... here for... Heeyy! Try to reach inside of me! Try to drain my energy! Let me show you just what I'm made of! Simple curiousity! Try to take a bite of me! Let me show you just what I'm made of now!

The song played through Zoraan's head while he ran towards the flaming pillar when it suddenly collapsed. "Seriously, just because I'm royalty doesn't mean I want the royal treatment! Jeez... I denounced my heritage because I couldn't make heads or tails of anything that was going on! I'm not a leader... I'm just someone who takes it day by dy, and enjoys life..."

The End

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