Unexpected Meeting


That hurt! Something pressed hard against my dream and the wolf singing me it's soothing music. The animal's empty white eyes looked off into the distance of my dreams, out of the darkness appeared an aura of blue and orange. It's shape shifting constantly like the tides of the sea. Then a melody began to hum and shiver throughout the aura. The song didn't belong to me. Pushing through the cloud of music and color, the wolf emerged to see a man. He was lying on the ground, unconscious but alive. Slowly his eyes opened revealing deep blue with hints of green, and orange. 

I started awake, my eyes wide open and my heart thundering in my chest. What the hell was that? Who was that guy and was he a Soul song? I shook my head of the weird dream and threw my feet over the side of the bed. I sighed heavily as I rubbed my temples. Growling, I stood walked to a small mirror on the other side of the room. Carefully, I began to remove the bandages covering my scarred arms and legs. Under the cloth were large white criss-crossing scars, stark in appearance to my tanned skin. There was no real reason for me to wear the bandages besides my shame that I had ever received them. I threw the old cloth in a drawer and picked up my black, hooded robe. Donning it then wrapping a small red silk scarf around my neck, my long black hair tucked into the hood. 

The sheaths for my weapons were a part of the robe, three stilettos sat on my my hips, each was of a various size. My main weapon, a  crimson colored Balisong Dagger, always stayed in my right hand. I had to be ready for anything. The blade itself was larger than usual Balisong, specially crafted to be used not only as a hand to hand weapon but to be thrown large distance with great accuracy.  With all my clothes and equipment donned I made my way silently down the stairs and out the front door.  Outside the sun was just kissing the horizon as it began it's trail across the sky. 

I replaced my hood over my head and started down the street towards the outer part of town. Beyond the tiny towns boundaries sat a large forest that stretched into grassy plains. It was a peaceful place that no villager ever ventured into. Rumors said the place was haunted by an earth demon. They said it could tear flesh from bone and disintegrate any mortal in it's path. I shook my head at the unrealistic rumor. With grass under foot, I relaxed and took a leisurely  walk following an old deer trail. Birds chirped, water bubbled, and the soft chatter of squirrels were the only sounds. Not a single person in sight. Finding a grassy patch on the edge of the field, I drew my Balisong. 

Music began to lull and soon solidified into a smoky figure. The wolf from my dreams took it's wispy crimson form. Ever since I had discovered my soul was intertwined with songs I gave it a form that could follow me, understand me, sing to me, and give me strength. The creatures empty white eyes focused on my blade, waiting in anticipation. My hand moved in a few memorized motions opening the Balisong. The songs tempos picked up then it changed.

I'm ashamed, not to blame. Don't wanna think about it. Who I am, what I've done, 
How do I carry on? Wanna change, turn the page, don't wanna think about it. How do I undo what's done? Undo what's done! 

I grinned tossing the blade at the song wolf, it's snarling song echoed loudly as it dodged the blade. This was how I trained, with myself, my soul. The blade stuck into the soft earth as the song moved to strike me. Instantly I jumped, pushing off a tree and grabbing the blade. 

Sometimes the things get so faded, how is it that you can't see? Sometimes life seems overrated, makes my heart slowly bleed.

The song continued on but soon my Soul wolf stopped, looking off into the field. Replacing my dagger, I followed it's gaze, feeling the song fall to a whisper. A vortex of fire like I had never seen before spun into the sky, blacking out the sun and replacing it with a fiery haze. I couldn't understand what was going on, suddenly the vortex crashed onto the ground like an unstable pillar. Creating a giant cloud of smoke. The song and my soul disappeared as I started towards the strange occurrence. As I began to near the middle of the field, the grass was replaced by a burnt and crisp earth. The fire storm's reach had even touched the field. A noise caught my ear, causing me to look to my right. Off in the distance was a familiar blue and orange mist, like the one in my dream!  Drawing closer, a song was just barely audible. 

But don't forget before you try to bringing me down, what goes around all ways comes back around....

My eyes widened. This guy had Soul songs! As in my dream he was alive, his chest lightly rising and falling against the charred earth. He began to cough and regain consciousness, his mysterious eyes opening and meeting my golden eyes. A tiny grin crept onto his face. He could hear my Soul song too. 

The End

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