The entity of flames



I walked the away from the mountain not letting one sight  be missed. I missed the natural beauty of the world. The way the suns lights hit the plants, the way the ground felt under foot. The way it sounded when people were sneaking up behind you. Wait hang on... I turned around drawing my katana as a mean leaped at me and met a quick death against my razor sharp bade.  I had been following the smokey smell in the wind for the last 10 hours, and I think I had found the source. Small cry's came out from the long grass, people dressed in ragged green clothing came out with an assortment of weapons.  They surrounded me quickly.

"Who are you stranger?" A man with a deep voice boomed.

"I am Shikashi Pillar, the slayer of evil."

"Never heard of you! Why have you come to us Shikashi slayer of nothing?"

"I am here to find why I smell the burning of the earth!"

"Are you an Idiot, that is because the lord Firaith lives beyond these borders, and he despises those who are snooping in his land!"

The lord of Firaith? I asked myself only one would call himself is the flame entity who was condemned to the underworld by man kinds messiah who created man.  So why is Firaith here now was this a man calling himself by that? I sniffed the air smelling a dark power. No.

"I see this is why the land burns. I'm afraid I have no other choice but to fight you." I say.

"You alone cannot defeat our armies. You must be insane!" The man laughed causing the others to do so.

" You obviously do not know who I am, in my time those who accepted evil who heard my name would shutter in fear!"

My soul blue and orange soul surrounded me with a horrifically strong wind.

You walk along like a woman in suffering, you won't even bother to tell me why, you come along letting us all savor the moment, leaving me broken another time. You come along like a blood stained hurricane!

I swung my sword as the air filled with a blood mist in the wind. The men died that instant, but strangely enough they all burst into fire.  The red mist fell as the song, and my soul faded. But then the wind began to blow in my face with intense heat, the sky turned orange as tree's began to burn, the grass also burst into fire as tornado of flames tore a scar into the landscap, tossing even more flaming debris across the once green lush forests. I felt twinge of anger inside me but I contained it as the tornado calmed down, leaving a man who was surrounded by fire. His hair was blue at the bottom which turned to red, then to orange at the top. Like a fire. I was having an audience with Firaith in human form.

"Welcome Shikashi Pillar." He said politely walking forwards," Now I know my men threatened  you but did you honestly have to kill them so brutally? How very evil of you. Then again you yourself are not of a sound soul are you. Yes your brother has told me much of you. I'm surprised that you still roam this earth you must be at least some odd two hundred years old. Yet you stand here as a young man." 

"What is you want Firaith?"I ask beginning to get bored with entities prattle.

"From you? I want you to join me or leave in peace. I have no interest in battling you, and if you were to join me, I would gladly give you power beyond belief, in exchange of helping me become the sovereign over all humans."

"I'm afraid neither one of those  will happen!" I point my sword at him. My soul appears again, as so does the music, the wind gaining strength.

"Oh? Is that so."

His body swiftly turns into a twenty foot tall demon of flames, with flaming black bat like wings protruding from his back, a giant scorpion like tail, and a moth of of lizard lion face. He stood an all fours which resembled that of a dragons.  The flames that surrounded him, and came off him were nearly blinding causing the rest of the world too look like night compared to him. Yet I knew he was not at full power.

You carry on like a holy man pushing redemption, I don't want to mention the reason I knoooowwww! That I am stricken and can't let you go. When the heart is cold, there is no hope, and we know!

I spin my sword around and charge.

"You cannot possibly win you foolish mortal." His voice was deep and dark and brought on premonitions of impossible destruction.

" I can try though!" I reply as his flames reach my blue and orange soul dome which fended off the attack. I jumped up letting the winds carry me up to his shoulder, I brought the sword down, the wind, and the Kattana dug deep into his thick hide causing a spurt of demon blood to rush out, but the wound was superficial. As he laughed.

"What a pleasant surprise you do have some teeth! But they are not sharp enough to do substantial damage. What a shame! Now let me show you the difference in our powers! I doubt this attack can be fended off by your soul alone!"  The fire that surrounded him began to swirl in up-draft which shook the earth as he stood on his hind legs. The flames that were destroying the landscape also were sucked up in the vortex that he was creating around his mouth.  The earth itself felt like it was going to fall apart from the raw magical power that was being used. In fact my souls song was drowned out, and it felt like my souls was going to shatter, I could nothing but watch in awe at his power.  The flames in the sky gathered directly above us, which turned into a scorching pillar that reached down igniting the vortex. I switched my song to bring me down. The song was audible in the storm of flames, but I was worried that his attack might come when I wasn't ready. I waited for the song to play "You can't bring me down!" He released the attack.

But don't forget before you try to bringing me down, what goes around all ways comes back around....


The flams engulfed me, the pressure of the attack forced me int unconcioussness, but my soul protected me from the flames as the attack shot me off far away from Firaith.

The End

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