Dance of the Warrior

I don't care what you're thinking as you turn to me, cause what I have in my two hands is enough to set me free (set me free)

I can fight the feeling to resist it over time, but when it's just too much to take, you sneak up from behind.

Is it me? You say? You're looking for? Let me show you who I am and what I'm here for (here for) Heeeeeeeeyyy!

Zoraan smiled. The song rushed through his mind, the riffs and lyrics bringing his broken body back from the brink. He had been through one of the toughest fights of his life, and now was where it really went off. The moment this song began to play in his mind, his foe was finished. This song wasn't about magic, wasn't about skill, it was about one, all important thing: determination. That said, when this song plays, he fought until the end.

He stood up, facing his opponent, who was twice his size, and spat off to the side. His saliva was mostly filled with blood, but right now, that didn't matter.

"Hey buddy... let me show you what I'm made of."

After saying this, he ran straight for the big guy, and the song continued to play in his mind.

Like a million faces, I've recognized them all, and one by one they all become a number as they fall (as they fall)

In the face of reason, I can't take no more, and one by one they all become a black mark on the floor.

When the song reached this point, he slammed his fist hard into the guy's chest, and he could hear his ribs crack from the force. He then delivered a swift kick to the guy's face, sending him to the ground. Zoraan backed off then and let the music continue to play... he always loved listening to it. Sometimes he would get lost in the song, not knowing what was happening around him. Not that it ever really mattered. He never let things worry him. The past and the future were both things that someone could do nothing about, if one believes in fate and destiny. So really, why waste time worrying about the future or thinking about the past? Take it day by day, live for the moment, live like this was the last day of your life. That was his motto, and he lived by that.

His opponent tried to get up, and Zoraan watched as the mountain of a man attempt to stand. Just as the guy seemed like he had an even footing, Zoraan gave him a slight push, and he went down again with an earth shaking THUD!

"Too tired to stand, huh? Guess this shows that size isn't everything. Better luck next time, eh?" Zoraan extended his hand to the big guy, but he refused, glowering at him instead. Zoraan backed off, and smiled. "Guess we're still enemies, huh? Oh well, I'll take you on anytime you like."

The End

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