Of Death and Music


My black hood draped softly over my head as a light breeze caressed my face. I walked calmly through the streets, vendors shouted to passers by, trying to sell their wares. I was just a shadow amongst the crowd, a hidden blade. I sighed, another dull day, another job, another person someone wanted dead. A beggar clothed in dirt stained rags chased me down, stepping in my path. 

"Please Ma'am just a few coins to get me through the week." With a few sharp movements of my hand, I had drawn my crimson Balisong dagger and pressed it against the man's throat. A trickle of blood dripped down his sweaty skin, he immediately stepped to the side and ran off into a nearby alleyway. Flicking the blade closed I withdrew my hands back into the oversize sleeves and walked inside a nearby tavern. The tavern tender shouted to waitresses who hurriedly moved to fill mugs with mead and replaced empty plates with ones covered in mutton and bread. The air was full of testosterone and sweat, a place of pigs and scum. My golden eyes scanned the taverns patrons for any sign of my target, the man had gotten into some trouble with a figure head in the community by having a fling with his wife. And when someone wanted a man dead, they contacted me. 

My gaze finally rested upon a man at the end of the bar. He had shaggy red hair that looked greasy and flat. His eyes a blood shot green, the man was drunk which gave me a bit of an edge. Stepping from the shadows, I moved to one of the tavern maids and passed her a bag of coins.

"The red haired man at the end of the bar, I need you to throw him in the back alley. Do whatever is necessary." My voice was soft and wouldn't carry over the shouts and drunken laughs now filling the tavern. The maid eyed the bag greedily, pocketing it and moving to the man. She leaned over next to him, whispering something in his ear. The man cocked his head in confusion but nodded and unsteadily stood. The maid escorted him to the back alley way and let him outside, leaving the door slightly open. I grinned, the shadow from my hood covering my face. I glided through the crowds and to the door, slipping out unnoticed. The target was leaning against a nearby brick wall, spilling all of the alcohol he had previously consumed. Pulling back a my hood, I pulled my red silk scarf over my mouth and nose. The man turned around and furrowed his brow.

"Who....who...arrrrre you?" the man slurred leaning forward then steadying himself on the wall. From beneath my robe, I removed  stiletto from it's sheath on my hip. The blade's metal glinting in the dull alley light.

"Milo Ludvir, you are condemned to death. Otdyh v mire (Rest in Peace)!" A light melody of music began to grow in the air, starting as a hum and crescendoing into a roar. The lyrics wavering in in my mind, drawing upon my growing emotions.  My arm tensed then loosed the stiletto. Letting it soar through the air and flew true to it's target. The song fluttered behind it in a crimson smoke. A mist of red blood filling the air as Milo's body crumpled to the ground. The music lulled a bit but hung in the air, soothing me and dancing around my blade. The crimson song's smoke began to sift and formed into an aura around me. I walked over to Milo's body and retrieved the blade, the song dying as I replaced the stiletto in it's sheath. With no reason to stay, I left the body to rot behind the tavern. The song's smoke dissapated into the air ocassionaly glinting in the falling sun. My steps through the cobble stone streets still calm and quiet as I began to murmur the words of the song to myself. I relished every time one played.

They say freak, when your singled out. The red, well it filters through. So lay down, the threat is real. When his sight goes red again. Seeing red again...Seeing red again. 

I fell silent when I reached the small building where I lived. The main floor was a business front, selling all kinds of trinkets. A few under the table payments to the store's owner ensured that I could stay and that I wouldn't be bothered, ever. A small bell clanged as I stepped inside, the clerk looked up but averted her eyes the second she saw me. I turned to the stairs and just set a foot on the first step when a voice stopped me. 

"Good day my lady, how are you?" I looked sharply towards the voice, eyes locking with a girl no older than ten. She had tight blonde curls that hung around her face and blue eyes that sparkled unnaturally. This tiny child was the clerk's daughter. I said nothing, beginning back up the stairs. A small tug pulled at the back of my robe, I have no time for petulant children! Pulling out the bloodied stiletto I held it in front of her face. 

"This blood belongs to the last little child that asked me questions!" I snarled angrily, the clerk watched in the background terrified. The child's eyes widened and tears streamed down her face. The clerk ran over, apologized, and scooped the sobbing girl into her arms. I let out an angry growl and walked up the remainder of the stairs. I stepped into my room and removed the scarf from my face. Lying down on my bed, I shut my eyes, dreaming of the next kill and the songs swirling about me with mystical red grace. Forming itself into a quardrupedal figure, it's auburn fur wavering in the air. Howling, the wolf loosed the lullaby of lyrics, allowing me to slip into the darkness of my dreams.

The End

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