The souls song

People that have songs in their soul giving them the power to fight! But a bigger power arises.



My sword plunged into his stomach the blood splattered against my clothing his face was full of surprise. The clash of the songs stopped as my blue, and orange soul disappeared.

"I didn't think you had it in you Shikashi." He gasped.

" I have more darkness in my soul brother. I just choose to reserve it." I reply withdrawing my blade, wiping his tainted evil blood off it. He fell to the ground as he coughed up blood.

" Don't think I'm going to go so quietly Shikashi. You may have won but......." He breathed in," I won't...... let you....... not go...... without." His breathing stopped but he still had a minutes more life. I began to move but it was too late his song was playing, as my sword was being brought down I felt like I was fighting in sand as my momentum came to a complete stop. He smiled as he stopped time around me. Uncountable time passed around me in an underground temple sealed by the mountain side doors. I watched my brothers body decay into nothingness. It was my only source of entertainment until it was gone completely. Then there was nothing.


My sword hit the ground violently causing tiny spark of light in the darkness. I could move again! At first it felt weird taking my first step in years I fell to the ground. I spent the next few minutes moving every part of my body, until I felt comfortable again with the physical world. I picked my sword up, and sheathed. Worry ran up my spine as I tried to think of all the things that could free me from my brothers curse, could someone found his works, and summoned him? Or did it simply wear off. That seemed more likely, but something on my conscience didn't feel right.

It took a long time to walk through the temple that had caved in a bit under the mountains great wieght, but eventually I find the exit which I had to destroy with soul song, using Bring me down which let me move the brought down debris out of the way.  Outside I was greeted by fresh air, with the wind blowing smoothly across my face, as if it was welcoming me back. The sunlight pierced my eye , but it had been so long since I have seen the sprawling green fields, the forests, sunlight, forests, snow. I had almost forgotten what they were. Even though the wind appeared to welcome my return it carried a stench of smoke in it. Did I fail in my mission to remove the forces of evil or did I miss a seed of evil. How long have I been removed from time?


The End

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