Mr BrightsideMature

Like a caged animal, finally released. No longer trapped within those clinical walls. No more metal bed frames or rubber flooring. Free at last. And, even if he did say so himself, doing rather well. He hadn't relapsed as of yet, and his outlook was... well, rather positive. Perhaps, he thought, I can get over this now...

Tamping down his pent-up emotions, he cursed under his breath. How was it possible that one single kiss had led to months of Hell? How had he ended up trapped in that place? Almost impossible to believe what that kiss had started. The feelings it had produced. The miscommunication. Just a kiss. Of course. How did he miss that? Nothing more than a kiss. Only a kiss.

Not what he thought. Then he had seen them. Seen her. Seen him. Together. Just calmly standing in an empty taxi rank, waiting impatiently, her with her phone in hand, dialling the number on the grubby, graffiti-encrusted sign. He lit a cigarette, took a drag, held it to her lips. She inhaled. That explained the cloying taste of the kiss, then. 

Positive outlook. Remember the therapy. Positive outlook. Every cloud... The memory brought him to his knees. The envy threatened to explode from within him, ripping apart his mind, killing his soul. And possessing him. Pure, unadulterated envy. Uncontrollable jealousy overwhelmed him as his tormented mind completed the story that ripped at his heart. He wanted so desperately to look away, but his own imagination held him in a vice-like grip as the fury took over.

Perhaps it was fate... His eyes opened to the courtroom.

"I never... I never... Not guilty! NOT GUILTY!"

The hushed tones of a lawyer: "I plead on behalf of the defendant: not guilty by reason of insanity."


~ Next song: "Substitute" Frank Turner.

The End

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