The Song Challenge!Mature

Don't worry - you don't have to write a song. You can write is as many posts as you want - but try not to repeat the same song :) The author before you picks a song for you to write about, and then write what came to mind when you listened to it :) For the first chapter, I've chosen to write about 'Declaration of War' by Hadouken!
Have fun! :)

The stench of blood on their nostrils, eyes wide and ready for action, ears twitching in alarm at any sound that could be heard, the wolves stood proud. Some of them glaring at the opposition, some of them still in their human forms, but all of them eager to kill.

Across from the demonic wolves stood the cautious pixies, all composed with protective stances. They were a jumble of brightly coloured hair and dainty features; all tainted with the thought of wolf death.

A single howl from a corner of the wolf pack set everything off. The wolves were running at alarming speeds, while the pixies flitted throughout them, almost in dance as their metallic blood sprayed and hissed from wounds caused by sharp claws or teeth.

A pixie, no more than twenty, in particular seemed to be enjoying herself. A sly grin adorned her delicate features, a fire in her narrowed eyes while her legs carried her faster than she had ever felt before.

Aurora Williams was on the hunt.

Her eyes glinted against the bright moon, searching for a good fight while mirthlessly taking down wolves that were trying to attack her..

One wolf ran, still in his human form, straight at her, knife ready, aimed at her neck to pour beautiful silver blood eagerly.

Aurora smiled as she saw him through the corner of her eye running at her in wolves speed. At the very last moment, mili-seconds before he cut her neck, she span, knocking the blade from his hands with a wooden block strapped to her wrist and forearm.

Her silver hair span around her face upon landing, her  darting eyes watching carefully as the wolf fell to his knees.

Pushing from the floor with her feet, Aurora jumped up into the air, and caught herself at fifteen feet above the fight. She winced at the sight of her best friend fighting a particularly angry wolf, but shook her head.

Next song: Mr Brightside - The Killers (or any cover that you have of it)

The End

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