Sol Davidson

White lane. Thats where she lives. Mom. She took the house, the money, and my life from me when she left us. I had met her new family a few times. They were nice...I guess, mainly because her new family consisted of Mr.Shefield (my ex-neigbour), their six year old daughter, Fay, and Mr.Shefield's 21 year old son, Jason.

I hadn't spoken to my mother for a year, exept for a birthday card, or greeting card on Chrismas. Now I had to live with her. But I was going to be home. Where I belonged. Away from everything else. I needed this. And either way, dad promised me, that when he got employment here, he would come. He couldn't be unemployed for a moment, otherwise our low financial status would collapse, so he was still working there. At that place, while looking for a job here.

I stepped out of the train. The cool sea breeze blew against my skin, almost as if it was welcoming me back home. The sun was warm, not a cloud in the sky. I could see a card with my name on it. Jason. Out of all the people, they had sent Jason to get me. It didn't matter I was home.

I didn't particularly dislike Jason, we were just...strangers. We didn't know each other. When I was small, Id see him outside in his backyard, watering the plants, and I'd wave, and he'd wave back, but that was about it.  We had nothing to talk about, just occuard silences, that were better filled by the chirping of a cricket. What bothered me right now, was the look in his eye. The anxious, nervous look. He tried to mask it with a smile, but it was there. His eyes, for a second, flickered to the sweat band arround my left wrist. Just for a second. But thats all it took. 
Of course he would be nervous. His suicidal step-brother was going to be liveing with him, eating a his table, shareing a room with him. I was going to change his life completely. I was going to infiltrate the entire family.

I could only imagine what was going through his head the moment he turned his gaze to the sweat band. "What if...he trys it in my room, in my house...what if Fey finds him in the room...dead?"

But I was home. They were far away from me now. So now, now I knew, no matter how long it took, I could survive. I would try. I would heal. I wish I could explain that to him. But no, I would prefer an occuard silence, because unsaid words don't hurt. I had learned that the hard way.

The End

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