Dream, Nightmare, or Reality

My eyes fluttered open. Silence, silence that made a shiver run down my spine.

I was sprawled across the bed in my graceful way, hair gently resting over my shoulders in sumptous curls, hands folded neatly over the gathering of flowers neatly pressed across my chest. I stared directly at myself, just woken from some dreamless sleep, a place of eternal darkness, to see my own reflection in the mirror-ceiling. The only thing it seemed I could do at that moment was gaze back at myself, waiting. Waiting? For who? For what? The creatures of shadow which held me in this strange prison?

What was that? The room seemed to shudder all around me. A vase fell from its precarious perch, yet it seemed to fall in a motion so slow, and when it hit the ground it made a horrendous noise. Instantaneously, the mirror cracked, the image shifted as the fingers of faults ran along the ceiling. A few stray pieces fell as my tower chamber seemed to shake more violently.

I stood, looking around in a state of awe, though not reacting as if I was very simply a witness to what was happening around me. What this a dream? A nightmare? Reality?

Silence. The trembling ceased. The furniture all around me was disshelved, thrown across the room in a haphazard manner as if I had just torn through the place in a fit of anger. Above me the mirror was shattered, a web of silver stream cracks.

Slowly I turned around.

Before my eyes a figure materialized. At first, I backed away, nearly tripping over an item behind me but not daring to turn my eyes from the object forming before me.

This very well must be a dream. I must be halucinating. Yet, didn't this all seem like a horrific nightmare? But...it couldn't be...

"Hor-Horatio," I stuttered, my voice a whisper, barely audible. He stood before me in solid form, staring me over. The quiet in the room was heavier then ever.

"Horatio," I repeated myself, stepping forward as he made no move. "Horatio."


He was so real. My heart fluttered in my chest like a bird caged inside my ribs. My heart felt warm on the inside, warming with love of that which once was, and what still was inside me. I smiled. I raced across the room to him, throwing my arms about him and hiding my head in his chest, breathing in his familiar aroma.  For a brief moment, I was filled with serenity, looking up to him as he offered his own embrace to protect me.

He absent-mindedly took his hand and brushed a hair behind my ear, staring into my eyes with deep affection. His expression shifted, his eyes darkened as if blocking his feelings from me and leaving me cold. He began urgently, "We don't have a lot of time. We have to get out of here."

The emergency in his tone shook me from my dreamy state, suddenly filled with panic. "No!" I cried, backing out of his grasp. Alarmed, I continued to flee from him as he stepped forward, his face contorted in confusion. "NO! You were not supposed to come! I told you not to come! Run! Run away without me! Go now, before it is too late!" I stumbled over a table. I screamed as he remained rooted to his spot, "LEAVE!"  

Once more the room began to quake, even worse then before. The violence of it swept me off of my feet and sent me sprawled across the floor. A few more shards rained from the ceiling. Horatio rushed to my side, taking me in his clutches once more. Oh, how I loved him more then words could explain.

Was this the end? I looked up into his eyes, the beginnings of tears pulling at my own. "It's a trap. It's you they want."

The End

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