Fate and Choices

".....what is your response?"

She swallowed, averting her eyes from his. Much of her wished to impulsively give herself to him, only desiring  to be loved fully and so completely by him, knowing her only happiness would come from him, that no one else would make her feel any other way. To her surprise, all of what he said made her want him more, to be his.

But there were the fingers of doubt, of fear clawing at the back of her mind. Her sensibility. She was scared. Scared of the unknown in which Horatio offered, scared of the pain and consquences. She could only wonder of the tales of the devil coming in the wings of the angel, coming to steal the souls of the innocent to hell.

Flicking her eyes to meet his once more, he waited with anxious eyes, though still  with a calm patience. From her telling, he was sincere in his feelings, in his words.

"What do you wish for?" Alyssa inquired slowly.


She blinked. "What is it that you would want? If it were your choice."

"It is not. It is your own choice," he halfway looked alarmed at her words. "Why do you ask such things of me, Alyssa?"

"Do you...really love me?"

"Yes, of course," he said solemly, a certain conviction in his voice. "Why do you wonder? Did I not clearly state my...feelings for you?"

Alyssa nodded briskly, confused at heart and in mind. "Why....me? I am a simple village girl, just like any other. Why would you pick me...and then have such feelings for me?"

"Alyssa," he cooed, making an advancing step. She gave an involuntary shiver as he took her hands, palms brushing. "You look to the Physical, to the facade, within the boundaries of this World. You are very special...unique, on the inside, in your soul. A heart made of...gold."

A slight smile pulled at her lips, turning her gaze to his hands grasping hers. She shook her head, disbelieving, all emotion coursing through her seemingly all at once. "I....don't know....," she murmured, her voice weak and hoarse. "...I am frightened."

"I understand," he nodded. "There is good reason to be."   

 His words somehow made her feel stable, safe, strengthened something of her trust in him. She looked up and held his eyes, so incredible, deep and sparkling, like dark jewels set into his enchanting, perfect face.

"You can always say no," Horatio muttered slowly, holding her gaze. A certain melancholy gloss covered those amazing eyes, almost willing her to comfort him. Gently, he continued to stroke the top of her hand with his thumb.

As much as she hated it, so caught, so in love with him, she jerked her attention away from him and to the window, almost fearing if she stared too long into the dark depths of his eyes, they would swallow her up despite how much she desired so strongly in her heart.

"I should go; my...family is likely worrying of me," Alyssa hung her head. "I wish...to think this over."

"Do you want me to walk you home?" he replied, a certain disappointment in his tone of voice which made her whole being ache with both sadness, sympathy, and longing, as if she had wounded him.

"No, no," she answered. "Thank you, but I really must think on my own. May....I return tomorrow?"

"Of course," he mildly smiled. "I shall meet you in the same place and guide you here."

A bit of nerves flickered in her, thinking of the pain she met in the clearing, though she nodded and returned a slight grin. "Alright....I should see you then....good-bye," awkwardly shifting, unsure of how to properly say farewell, she leaned in to briefly land a kiss on his lips and flit in the direction of the door, stepping quickly out.

Blinking, Alyssa closed the door and realized she stood just outside her barn once more and the house of Horatio was gone. Holding herself, she wondered if all of that had happened.  

The End

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