"I shall start from the beginning. I was appointed your Guardian Spirit by the Council of the state which directly serves Immanent Will. My duty is to direct you and help you along your Path. I am your protector and your source of Hope in times of Despair. "

I waited while Alyssa tried to absorb this. Her furrowed brow was an aspect of her facial features I didn't like to see - it reminded me too much of a frown. I wanted Alyssa to always smile around me.

"Your purpose is to ... help me?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yes," I answered. "I would be willing to lay down my life for you." All Guardian Spirits would gladly sacrifice themselves for their protegidos but I felt a particular conviction as I stated this.

"So... the kissing and embracing is part of that?"

"No," I answered. "The kissing and embracing have been my attempts to communicate ... my love for you."

Alyssa looked surprised. "You can ... love me?"

I nodded. "The bond between the Guardian Spirit and their protegido (or protegida in your case) has no limitations or conditions."

"I see. But why does it hurt?"

I took a deep breath, unsure how Alyssa would react to my answer.

After a pause, I told her "When a Guardian Spirit loves their protegido, it is natural for them to claim possession of their soul. That is to say, when we kiss, I unwittingly begin to draw your soul from you."

"But why?!" cried Alyssa, horrified. "What purpose does that serve?"

"It is like a ... completion of the Guardian Spirit's duty. With their human's soul safely in their area of the astral plane, they can offer full protection, convey effectively the reasons for their guidance and even show their human their Path. Also, it is the greatest sign of love when two souls combine."

Alyssa was overcome by a great weakness that revealed itself to me through her eyes. I could see that she was fascinated by the prospect of profound, unimaginable love but also deeply troubled by the concept that her soul could be drawn from her.

"So, that's what you need to know. Would you prefer your soul remained a part of you? Or..."  I hesitated, steeling myself for the next words. "Or would you be able to love me? If our souls were to entwine, I would do everything I could to make the process painless. But I can only even begin to do such things in the knowledge that you wanted it too. What is your response?"

The End

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