Alyssa shifted, turning to face him.

His eyes closed, he appeared peaceful; harmless, like a normal being despite his exceptional appearance. Quiet and serene, he seemed very....beautiful, in the most masculine sense of the word as he appeared perfectly innocent and strangely gentle. And oddly, she felt restful as well, her wild emotions dimmed, her pain, diminished. Relief.

 Carefully, she lifted her hand and touched his cheek as she did earlier. Still he remained caught in heavy slumber, not flinching or reacting to her touch. Alyssa slowly moved her fingers across his smooth skin, simply staring into his unmarked expression. In his presence, at this time, she was safe, she felt he understood somehow, she felt....content.

Confusion marked her at this moment. Alyssa continued to stroke his face as he slept, thoughtfully gazing into his face. He cared....he loved her? In her rapidly paced feelings, her alarm, she had felt something for him, a longing, she knew. She had always thought that such feelings were some spell of his. But she could not help but acknoweldge that some of natural, was her true emotion.

She crept closer. Would it hurt her, if she....? With great care, she placed her face near to his, almost so near as to feel his warm breath on her skin. Still, he did not move. Swallowing past a lump of anticipation in her throat, Alyssa gently placed her lips upon his.

She held them there for a while, almost simply hanging there. After a moment,  he shifted, blinking his eyes open to look at her.  "Mmm,"  he half smiled, closing his eyes again and adjusting so he could place his arms around her. For a moment, he kissed her softly in return.

Alyssa pulled slowly away, tucking her head against his chest and reveling in the warmth of his embrace.

Sighing, she drifted peacefully asleep, filled with blissful calm for the moment.

The End

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