Enveloped by the darkness of night, swallowed by the shadows of frightening obsurity, of being alone, the inkling fingers reaching for her and tearing at what felt like the very seams of her sanity. She held herself, she pulled the blankets tighter around her, but still she felt cold. Still she could not sleep when she forced her eyes to pull together.

For a moment's time, she felt as if the warmth of him was beside her, his sweet breath on her skin, on the back of her neck, pulling at the curls of her hair. She could feel his lips at her ear as he whispered her name. There was a certain sly venom in his voice that was enticing, to which she felt drawn, terrribly addicted. There was a thrill to his presence, his irresistible kiss, like standing on the edge of a cliff about to dive to doom. It was horribly lovely, but it made it all the more frightening. She was scared she would give in to him more, that his almost demonic self would overtake her and destory her more than he already had.

She wanted to run, but she couldn't. She could never run from him. She feared half of it was his will over her, and half of it was something of her attachment to him that she could not believe wanted to be with him.  She made herself believe she only felt that way since his enchantment over her, but at the same time she could only surrender willfully.

She wanted him to leave. But she was scared in may cause her more pain.

She was wounded. She was weak. She was scarred.

Alyssa turned rolled over in her sheets and met the eyes which never seemed human, which she could easily lose herself in, that she wished to flee from all at the same time. He held her in his arms and ran his smooth fingers across her skin, his glassy eyes on hers the entire time, almost keeping her paralyzed in place. He kissed her, and rages of emotion filled, her blood burned and seared, and heart raced, all in the strangest combination of pleasure and pain. All of it seemed so wrong, but felt so right.

As it ended, she opened her eyes and he was gone. Though she knew he was somewhere around, that the pain inflicted and pleasure given would continue, that she was lost and there was no one to find her.

As he seemed to leave, Alyssa thought perhaps that he was never meant to hurt her. But it was too late. She had given into him and damage was already done. 

The End

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