Guardian Spirit

Alyssa. I would've chosen to be her Guardian Spirit before I was appointed it. She was so beautiful and had such a warm heart.

Too bad she couldn't stand the intensity of my kiss. Too bad she had collapsed from the pain as our souls had collided in NoPlaceNoTime.

I loved her. I ached to belong to her. But how could I belong to her when it was my nature to actually possess her essence for us to be together?

She thought I was evil: she thought that I had deliberately inflicted pain on her. She didn't understand that I couldn't help it. That I would never hurt her intentionally.

She barely understood that I was destined to guide her and aid her in everything she did. That I was her protector and source of Hope in times of Despair.

One might ask 'If she barely understood the basics, why did you add further complexity to her life?'

Because I'm a fool. A reckless, impulsive fool. I had wanted to kiss her and so I had done so. I had known she would kiss back so why resist temptation?

I was a rubbish Guardian Spirit. Everyone knew that the number 1 rule was that you don't hurt your human.

I hurt my human. I almost killed her.

The End

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