Fredorick: The Drunken Fool

A burly man stumbled in as drunk as a skunk and was unable to keep his balance. He made it two steps into the room before crumpling onto the floorboards.

“Barricade the door,” Russell snapped at Viki with aberrant fury that only the Black Fire could provoke. Viki shot him a dirty look, nevertheless hurried towards the door and shut it before somebody noticed the room’s new occupants.

“I’ll listen out for any thoughts,” she said earnestly. The rest of us focus our attention on the intoxicated man sprawled out on the floor.

It looked like the guy had seen better days. Even if he was sober he would have still appeared to be one of those tramps wondering the streets at night. The ones with the messy beards, filthy skin and greasy hair. I felt my nose wrinkle as I caught the scent of whiskey mingled with sweat. Honestly, I had no pity for this alcoholic vagrant.

The man slowly regained consciousness. His unfocused eyes flicked in our direction and grew wide with horror when he had processed that he was not alone.

“Spirits,” he shrieked. “Spirits be gone! I don’t have what you want. I swear I don’t! Leave me be, leave me be!”

Allanah, bless her gentle soul, placed a soft hand on the worn material of his coat.

“We are not spirits and we wish you no harm. Please stop screaming so we can explain to you why we are here. Perhaps you can-” But she did not get any further. The man’s nostrils flared and he threw a fist towards her.

Before it connected with her cheek, I dived in and swallowed his fist with mine. The speed I had launched myself at and the adrenaline that pounded through my veins at that particular time caused my grip to splinter the bones in his hand. Of course no normal human being could have done the same even in these kinds of circumstances, but I was not normal or human. I released him as soon as I heard the crack.

The man began to scream. A wordless screech that was full of pain and rage. Then it transformed into a series of loud curses that none of us could understand.

“We’ve got company,” Viki called over the foul mouthed man’s yells.

The End

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