Viki: Another world

Suddenly, we weren't in the park anymore, we were in the same room from earlier, from the previous flashback, stood next to the four poster bed. Fredorick was with us, and he wore an expression of dread and familiarity.

'You've been here before.' It wasn't a question.

He nodded. 'Yes, and it's a bad place to be. The skull acts as a sort of shield for us right now, an invisible shield hiding us from anyone else in this realm, but it doesn't last long and nobody knows if we'll be out in time.'

'There's nobody here,' Allanah said. 

It was true, the people from earlier had disappeared, including the body of Khatnemus, the dead pharaoh. 

'What happens now?' Russell questioned. 'How long will we stay in this place for?' Fredorick had begun shaking his head even before Russell was finished speaking.

'It's uncertain, varying from time to time. I've spent two full weeks in this place before.'

'Two weeks?' Rhianna squeaked. 

'We need to get out of here,' I tried to make myself sound confident but my voice came out weak and scared. Fred's eyes flickered to me for just an instant then away again. 

'I don't know how!' Russell called desperately. He begun shaking the skull up and down, examining it for anything that might help us. 'How did you get out?' 

'The skull,' Fred shrugged nonchalantly, all fear from earlier disappearing. 'It just transported me back. We'll be okay anyway, the skull's still throbbing. As long as it's glowing, we're invisible.' 

'We should take a look around,' Rhianna suggested. 'Get an idea of our whereabouts.' 

Just as we were agreeing, something in my mind caused me to stop short, snapping my head up. I could hear voices, but none of them belonged to any of us. It was unfamiliar, and it was getting closer and closer.

'Guys,' I hissed. 

All their heads turned towards me.

'I can hear someone's thoughts. They're getting louder. I think they're heading for this room.' 

'It's okay, we've got th-' Allanah stopped speaking. I knew what had happened, deep in my gut I knew it, I felt it, but it didn't stop me from looking anyway. Every single pair of eyes in the room turned to the skull in Russell's hand. A sick feeling of dread and fear planted itself in the pit of my stomach and began slowly creeping up my spine.

It wasn't glowing anymore. 

'Does this mean we're not invisible?' Russell demanded, his voice a hushed whisper.

'It would seem that way,' Fredorick whispered back, his voice full of trepidation. 

The door handle rattled. They were right outside this room. 

Seconds later, the door swung open.

The End

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