Russell: Disbelief

Fredorick outstretched his hand causing my to snarl. How could he not be an alien but still be from a different universe. That was what alien meant. His story did not add up and seemed far too mysterious to me. 

"No" I said simply. The silence that followed was agonising torture. My friends wanted to say what I had said but lacked the courage. Fredorick was furious inside. I could sense that.

"Give me the skull" Fredorick snarled edging closer. His mysterious nervous persona was slowly melting away but I could still see that timid boy somewhere.

"You want it for yourself. You want its power. You don't care about protecting us. You only care about stengthening yourself" I couldn't believe how much nerve and strength I had. Here I was face to face with a being from another universe and I was the one refusing orders. Not Rhianna, not Viki. But me. Quite old Russell.

"Stop" Allanah cried opening my bag and drawing out the skull. Fredorick's eyes widened madly. He longed for the skull. It consumed him. "Nobody is getting this skull until we sort this whole thing out"

Allanah's sense of reason melting my angry heart and stopped my from ripping off my gloves. I was so close to ripping them off and killing this freak. What had I become?

"Its glowing" Viki shreiked. We all stared in Allanah's direction as the human head illuminated the miserable scene. I was curious about the skull but cautious of Fredorick. He was moving closer and closer to Allanah...and the skull

The End

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