The group stared at me with faces of shock – some disbelieving, others all too trusting. I took the silence that followed as a chance take in their appearances as I had only glanced at them from a distance until now. They were a bunch of misfits through and through.

Russell had an athlete’s build and looked as though he belonged with a bunch of rowdy jocks or sanguine cheerleaders rather than the girls he stood behind now. Without probing his soul I knew instantly that he had been cursed with the power of Black Fire. There was a haunted glow inside his hazel eyes and a tightness around his mouth. Sure enough, I saw the unmistakable marring of opaque scarring.

Rhianna was the kind confident girl who was considered beautiful. Her dark hair cascaded past her shoulders and her cherry lip gloss emphasized her full lips. Then I looked into almond-shaped eyes and saw a ghostly presence. This was the mark of a psychic medium.

When I fixed my sight onto Allanah she turned away. Any unobservant human – which fortunately I was not – would have put it down to the fact that she was obviously shy. This was different. She was hiding something and it was a lot more than telekinesis. Regrettably, only would I find out what she was hiding when she (and by she, I mean her soul) herself found out.

Last was Viki, but before I could examine her soul she answered my question herself.

“Why can’t I read your mind?” She asked with a hint of annoyance. Mind Readers – it did not matter if they had been reading thoughts for millenniums or minutes, it irritated them when they could not poke around in someone’s mind.

“Well it’s I long story.”

“Tell us now,” Russell commanded. His voice wavered slightly, but he looked imposing. My head snapped towards him and we locked gazes. I could smell the testosterone surrounding him, triggered by curiosity, mistrust and the Black Fire blazing within him.

“I don’t like being bossed around by humans,” I said, my voice cold. My words made the whole group freeze. This was not what they were expecting to hear. Oh well, what is a bit of knowledge going to do to them that the blasted skull had not already done?

“I am not an alien,” I reassured them. “I am just not from this world. Or the endless space you call the Universe.” The whole group gasped. They were no longer individuals, but a multiple being separated by physical matter.

“I have many powers,” I continued. “One of them is Soul Reading, which is how I now know your abilities. You’ll also find that the longer you stay in contact with that thing, you will gain a few more. Probably two at most. Any more and you can say goodbye to living. This is why I strongly suggest that you hand it over to me so I can take it back to my world where it belongs.”

I outstretched my hand.

The End

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