Russell: Findings

I exhaled a deep sigh of relief as someone knocked on my door. This had been one of my first days away from my hospitalised mother and I decided to spend it researching.

When I answered the door I was pleased to see it was my quartet; Viki, Rhianna, Allanah and...Who was that? Viki, reading my mind spun around and frowned at the tall boy stood just outside my drive. He pretended to look the other way but made no effort to move from outside my house. Viki nudged Rhianna and tilted her head towards the unwanted guest.

"Freddie. What do you think your doing?" Rhianna snarled. The tall boy flinched in nervous fear as the intimidating girl approaching him. "I know you know something and your going to admit it!"

The boy which Viki told me was called Fredorick sprinted off far away from Rhianna and my house. I felt deeply sorry for the lone character but Rhianna had other priorities on her mind

"I have powers now!" Allanah informed me as we stepped into my bedroom. I was shocked. Stunned. I thought it was just us three that were to get powers because we found the skull but it seems its magic passes on to those who simply come into contact.

"She said she could control them!" Rhianna snapped making the new magician blush

"I can't help it if my floating bin falls on Miss Higgins' head"

I burst out laughing. Allanah had dropped a bin on the teachers head. Viki reading my mind yet again corrected my thoughts and told me that the teacher was fine. I suddenly remembered my news

"You remember our flashback?" I began recieving a trio of nodding heads for my troubles "Well I did some research and it turns out Hemankhamun and Khatnemus were real pharoahs of ancient egypt. These powers we have aren't new. They've been around for centuries"

Allanah's phone began ringing and reluctantly answered the unknown number

"Hello?" In less than a minute she slammed her phone shut and smiled "It's Fredorick. He wants to meet us at the park. He has urgent news!"

The End

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