Allanah - revelations

I glanced back at Fred for a moment, considering. "I feel something..." I began. "But he could still not know anything. I think we need to watch him somehow."

"All this is just too weird," Rhianna muttered, her hands on the table in front of her.

I nodded in agreement. The other three had definitely had weird things happening to them, but so far I had been unaffected.

I tried to ignore the voice in my head that said this was not true. When I had woken up the other day to things seeming to be floating in my room, that was just a dream, surely. And other times it had been the wind, right?

Suddenly Vicki gave a gasp and slammed her hands on my tray. I broke out of my reflections to look at it, and noticed how white her fingers were, as if she was exerting great pressure. Yet despite this pressure the tray appeared to be floating about an inch off the table, and appeared to float higher. As I stared at it, it suddenly dropped to the ground. 

"Was that any of you guys?" Rhianna asked, her voice quiet. I was still staring at the tray, my face pale, my eyes intent on it. Suddenly it moved again, sliding about about 3 inches to the right.

Vicki's eyes were now on me, while Rhianna was still looking at the two of us. "I think it's me," I murmured, before making it twitch once more. "Yeah its definitely me."

"Then stop it," Rhianna whispered. "Someone could see."

I glanced around, noticing where we were again. The tray was now very still. "I'll try," I said softly. "But it's not like I can control it. Until now I wasn't even sure I could move things, but its not the first time. Last night I woke up and everything in my room was floating around. I nearly got brained by my lamp when it all fell down a second later, and I'm going to have trouble explaining to mum all the breakages. And there's been other incidents."

"I think we need a meeting with Russell, tonight," Vicki murmured, glancing around the room. She seemed the flinch as her eyes came in contact with Fred's, who seemed to be staring in our direction, however when she met his gaze he quickly looked away. 

"Are you going to be able to control," Rhianna asked. "Or are there going to be floating pens and papers in your classes today?" Because maybe it might b an idea for you to take the rest off sick, just in case."

I considered this for a moment. "I might be able to control it," I said after a while. "And if I feel I'm about to get out of control, I can rush out sick."

"Well let's hope you can control it," Vicki said, as the bell rang and we had to move away to class.

The End

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