Rhianna - Scared and Suspicious.

As I walked into school on the Monday after that odd day at Russel's, I saw a dark-haired boy I vaguely recognised staring at me from the shadows. I looked back for a few moments, locking gazes with him. He quickly averted his black-eyed gaze, hurrying away. I brushed it off, telling myself he probably just fancied me, instead of following the strange sense rising within me that this boy knew something about the skull.. 

Fortunately, Russel's mother had not been killed on that fateful day as it seemed Russel's powers were still developing, and were not as powerful as the other man's had been. Although she had not been killed, Russel's mother had been seriously injured, with deep cuts on her face and torso. She had also fallen backwards and hit her head, giving herself a concussion, thus forgetting the whole event. Or so we hoped.. She had been in hospital ever since, with an extremely guilt-ridden Russel seated at her bedside, his hands covered by a pair of thick gloves. 

All of us were scared by Russel's power. Yes, his mother had not been killed this time, but who knew what would happen the next time his powers got out of control?Who would he hurt, or kill the next time?  


Later on in the day, as Alannah, Viki and I were walking to the canteen to get our lunch, (Russel was not in school, apparently due to "shock." We three all knew the real reason. He was scared he was going to hurt someone else..) I saw the same boy from earlier looking at us. I elbowed both Viki and Alannah, jerking my head toward the boy, who was sitting a few metres away on a bench, eating his lunch. 

"Who's he?" Viki whispered, looking thoughtful.

"His name's Fred." Alannah replied, "I sit next to him in English. He seems a little.. weird.." 

"He was looking at me earlier as well, when I was walking into school!" I hiss, "This is gonna sound nut-job-ish again, but I'm getting a weird vibe from that guy.. It's like he knows about the skull or something.."

"That's where I recognize him from!" Viki burst out. "He was standing a few feet away from us on the beach the day when we uncovered the skull! He must have seen the light, or something.." 

"Right. That's it. We are finding out what this guy knows. We can't have this weird stuff getting out." I announce, turning and marching toward Fred. Alannah and Viki followed meekly, nowhere near as pushy as I could be. When he saw us coming, he began to pack up his stuff, but I was too fast for him. I darted onto the bench and sat down, linking my arm through his so he couldn't escape. "All right, Freddy-boy, what do you know?" 

"Know? About what?" He asked, looking away. 

"Don't play dumb. We know you were there on the beach that day." Viki said, fixing the boy with a hard stare, looking a little mystified. 

"Th-the beach? On what day? The day Tobias died?" Fred stammered, still refusing to meet our gazes. 

"Yeah. That day. You.. see anything.. funny that day?" I ask casually. 

"N-no." He muttered, his nervous gaze darting around, seeking help, and finding the slightly guilty gaze of Alannah. She clearly was not the tough-talking type. "Alannah! Help me! I don't know what they're on about!" 

"Guys.." Alannah said, giving us meaningful looks. "He obviously doesn't know anything."

"Yeah.. nothing." Viki said, reluctantly. 

"Oh, all right. Forget this happened, Freddo. If you tell anyone about this, I'll know, kay?" I said sweetly, fixing him with my best mean-stare. He nodded, so  I got up, and we walked off. 

"Guys.. There is definitely something weird about that guy. I couldn't hear his thoughts, not at all!" Viki said as soon as we were out of earshot. 

"He definitely knows more than he's saying.." I murmured. "He acted way too guiltily. Anyone else would've taken it as a joke.." 

"Well you did kinda pounce on him.. He's kinda quiet, he was probably just scared of you.." Alannah reasoned. 

"No." Viki said. "I feel it too. He knows something."

The End

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