Russell: Flashback

The skull illuminated our faces, making us shine as red as it. The skull floated. Physically floated in midair between the hands of those who dared to get near the golden object. Allanah's hand shot forward meekly and the skull edged towards her as though it was lonely and in need of comfort. Then a most extraordinary thing happened. As Rhianna bravely joined our circle the skull vibrated. Instantly my room went rouge red then as black as coal. We could see ourselves, the skull and one another but nothing else. Everything else was gone

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" a voice roared as swirls of colour entered my vision. Before we knew it our quartet was stood in a chamber complete with an elegant bed with purple silk sheets and other fine things. A young man was stood half naked next to the bed with a mean looking trio advancing on him. We could see the scene but not of the four men noticed us or acknowledged our existence.

"Hemankhamun? No! What are you doing? Your my brother!" the bare chested man cried as a similar looking man walked forward. I guessed that that was Hemankhamun. But what exactly was he doing? He rolled back his robe sleeves to reveal both his hands were charcoal black. Then in one foul thrust he lunged forward firing a black substance from his paws. The ink like substance wrapped around the young man's body and began suffocating him. Hemankhuman watched evilly as his trick killed his brother

"With Khatnemus dead. I am your new pharoah!" Hemankhamun laughed grabbing a large golden egyptian crown and placing it on his dark head. A murder was no king of Egypt. The two other men crouched down next to the deposed pharoah and quickly cut off his head. No blood poured out. It was like cutting off the head of a barbie doll. 

Suddenly we shot back into the present day. What had we just seen? Some bizarre episode or a real life event? Everyone was shocked and confused but their horror took a turn for the worst when the watched my place my shaking hands on my cheeks. I screamed when I saw my hands. They were charcoal black. Just like the hands of the vile Hemankhamun. Everyone watched my eagerly as I did what I had to do. Copying Hemankhamun I lunged forward just as my mum opened the door. The ink like substance shot out violently and attached itself to my mother causing her to scream and panic is the magic happened. My magic.    

The End

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