Viki: A confession

I saw the image Rhianna had in her mind of Tobias. He looked as alive as any of us, his hair swaying softly in the breeze, his eyes sad and full of remorse. 

'Guys, can we please discuss this tomorrow? It has to wait.'

'I don't think it can,' Rhianna whispered, shaking her head.

'Yeah come on, can't you come round mine or something? Just tell your mum that you'll be back soon.' 

Russell glanced at me.

They both look terrible. 

'For gods sake Russ I can read your mind!' I blurted out. His eyes widened and I could feel everyone's gazes boring into me, sceptical and disbelieving.

'What?' Allanah started laughing.

'It's not funny,' I hissed back at her. 'Seriously. Ever since we found that stupid skull on the beach, I can hear voices in my mind. All of your thoughts are as clear as if said aloud. It's scaring the hell out of me.' 

'Prove it,' Russell's lips were trembling. 

'Think something,' I urged.

Blue cheese blue cheese blue cheese.

'Blue cheese?' I raised my eyebrow. 'What has that got to do with anything?'

'Oh my god it's true!' 

Allanah and Rhianna were both staring at me incredulously. 

'This can't be happening!' Allanah began to laugh once more, but it was hysterical. She was in shock.

'It's all connected,' Rhianna stated. 'Seeing Tobias, Viki's mind-reading. It's all got to do with that skull we discovered. It has to be. There's a link.'

Russell ducked underneath his bed, seconds later pulling out the skull which was now glowing a vivid red. My breath came out in a low whistle. 

'Wow,' I breathed, completely captivated. I could vaguely sense everyone else looking at the skull in the same way I was; mesmerized, with such wonder and awe it was breath taking. It was so beautiful. The tiny crevices surrounding the skull glowed a deeper red than the rest, like threadlike veins running across the surface of the gleaming object. The eye sockets seemed to stare right at you, right into your soul, leaving you feeling exposed, like it knew every single thing about you. They were two small black abyss's, gaping and surreal. 

'So, beautiful.' Allanah breathed beside me. 

'Guys, we're under it's spell.' Rhianna's voice was a mere whisper but it held more conviction than any of us felt. 'We have to look away.'

'No,' Russell refused softly. 

'We must.' 

Rhianna's hand slowly extended towards the skull, never quite touching it but hovering above it. The skull seemed to float up out of Russell's grip, into the air where it throbbed and pulsated. 

'What's going on?' I murmured, still caught up in its spell.


The End

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