Rhianna - This Can't Be Real...

As I hurried through the driving rain to Russel's house, I passed the beach. As I rushed by, something caught my attention. I slowed reluctantly, knowing I was already late, sheltering my impeccable hair and make-up from the forces of nature with a hot pink umbrella.  

There, standing by the water's edge, was a boy, about my age. Although he carried no umbrella and was not wearing a raincoat, he did not appear to be wet in the slightest. His hair not flattened, but instead looked only a little wind-ruffled  and blonde, his t-shirt not sticking to him or anything. Then he turned, and I got the shock of my life when I recognized him. Tobias. But.. But.. This couldn't be.. He had been dead for nearly a month now! No, it must just be someone who looked like him.. But as the boy approached me, his face grave, I realised I couldn't deny it. The resemblance was uncanny. He was even wearing the same t-shirt as Tobias had been wearing the day he died.. 

It was too much. Turning on my heel, I raced away. As I left, I heard Tobias's voice yell after me: "RHIANNA! WAIT! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" But I didn't stop, running until I was a good block away from the beach. I walked down Russel's road, my hands shaking as I held up my umbrella. When I knocked on the door Russel answered. 

"Oh hey Rhianna." He said casually. Then he seemed to do a slight double take, and ushered me inside, saying: "Are.. are you Ok? You look like you've seen a ghost or something!" He gave a small smile at this, but I did not join him. I was horrified as to how close that was to what really had happened. 

"Can.. can we.. go upstairs? I need to talk to you and the others." I said, trying to keep my voice from shaking as I put down my umbrella and shrugged off my black coat. 

"Sure." Russel said, motioning for me to go up first. We entered his room where Viki and Alannah were. Viki looked almost as bad as me, and her eyes only got wider when I entered the room. 

"Guys.. Don't think I'm some sort of nut-job or anything but.. I.. I swear I just saw Tobias!" I gabbled. They stared at me, mystified.

"Um.. Rhianna? He's dead.." Alannah said gently. 

"I know, I know, but I swear it was him! He was on the beach, and he was wearing the same clothes, and he had the same face, and hair, and even the same voice!" I said, looking at them each in turn, willing them to believe me. 

"So.. what you're saying is.. You saw Tobias.. and he spoke to you.. But he died like three weeks ago.." Russel said, his voice still with an edge of scepticism. 

"I believe her." Viki burst out, shocking us all..

Something weird was definitely happening here.. 

The End

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