They were both stood facing me with attentiveness, waiting for me to begin but where could I begin? How do you ever explain something like this? Standing there, it didn't occur to me that they'd never actually believe me. I hadn't thought about that, I was just in a rush to tell someone.


I looked Russell straight in the eye, willing him to believe me.

'I know how this is going to sound,' I began. Someone opened the door. Russell's mother stood in the doorway.

'Russ, dear. I need your help in the kitchen for a second.'

'Mum, I'm with friends, can't it wait?' As he was speaking, I noticed he was furtively shifting something under his bed, trying not to draw the attention of anyone in the room. A little crease formed between my eyebrows.

Don't let her see the skull, don't let her see the skull.

'Now please,' his mother's voice was urgent. With a heavy sigh, Russell stood up, kicking the object behind him into the furthest corner of the space beneath his bed before following his mother out of the room.

I wonder what's wrong with Viki. Allanah's mental voice was not much different from her spoken voice; both caring and soft, filled with nothing but concern for me. I felt a little bad for treating her differently before.

There were a few seconds of awkward silence before the door opened and Russell returned looking angry.

'What's wrong?' 

'My mum says you both have to go, we have visitors over soon. I'm sorry guys. Viki can this continue tomorrow?'

'Sure,' I plastered a fake smile on my face.It could wait, couldn't it? At least until tomorrow. I could cope until then.

Couldn't I?

The End

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