Allanah - Weird events.

It had been strange the weeks since Tobias' death. The storm that had been present ever since that event was still occurring, still as strong, the clouds still as black. It seemed like it would never end, and even the weather men on the TV were freaked. This storm wasn't natural and I felt that somehow it was connected to the school that had been found, and to us or the skull.

It had felt good to be accepted by Rhianna, Vicki and Russell after the skull had been found. We had had differing opinions on what to do with it, but I had agreed with Russell, that we should study it ourselves before making any other decisions. Beside, it felt like it belonged with us now.

I was hurrying to Russells now, a few books in my bag while I struggled in vain with the umbrella to prevent myself from getting soaked the skin. Not that it made a difference, I felt I hadn't been given a chance to dry properly since this rain began. 

I felt a brief tingling, like I had when the skull had first emerged, and suddenly the umbrella was upright and holding. I glanced at it, but ignored the feeling that it seemed to be standing upright on its own, and that should I let go it would continue to shelter me. It was just too weird to accept, so I kept hurrying on.

I was soon at Russell's, and his mum was letting me in and telling me to head upstairs. Climbing the stairs, I suddenly heard Vicki shout out "Something really freaking strange is going on and it's scaring the hell out of me. You've got to help me!''

I hesitated, not sure whether to hurry up the stairs, or hurry down and not interrupt this moment. But then Vicki's voice rang out, speaking to me although I was still out of sight. "Come on up Allanah," she called. "You're not interrupting."

I hesitated for a second as I wondered how she not only knew that I was there but what I was thinking before continuing up. As I stepped into Russell's room, the door seemed to slam shut behind me, and I turned to it, feeling that tingle again. "Must have been the wind," I said quickly, before sitting, ready to listen. 


The End

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