Viki: Hysterical

Voices. All around me. 

How could he cheat on me? That lying....

Gotta get home, mum's gonna kill me...

Wow, look at that girl's fringe. If only I was that brave.

Voices coming from every direction, relentless, driving me insane. I stood on Russell's doorstep trying to shut them all out, my hood pulled round my face to shield off the persistent rain. I tapped twice on the door and stood back as the door opened. 

'Hello Viki, come inside quickly, out of the rain.' Russell's mother greeted me. 'Russell's up in his room, go straight up.' 

She shut the door and walked off, leaving me dripping wet in the hallway. 

Common girl. I do not know why Russell's friends with her.

My eyes stung as I stared after his mother. 

I ran upstairs and burst into his room. 

'Russell, you've gotta help me!' Tears were now streaming down my face and my shoulders heaved with each uncontrollable sob that ripped through me. I was hysterical. 

He stood up quickly and put an arm round me. 

'Viki, what's up?' 

Wonder what's wrong with her... She could still be upset over Tobias' death.

'No, not that,' I answered automatically. Russell's eyes widened and his mouth fell open.

'What...' he whispered.

'I don't know what's happening,' I cried out loud. 'Something really freaking strange is going on and it's scaring the hell out of me. You've got to help me!'

The End

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