Russell: Skull

The shock of Tobias' death wore off after about a week or si and our school returned to normal. Except for me. Life was anything except normal. The skull consumed me. I longed to unlock its mysteries and secrets. Why and how was it golden.

Using my magnifying glass I uncovered hieroglyphics written at the back of the cranium. This thing could do over 4000 years old. But then what was it doing in the south coast of Britain? Thousands of miles away from Cairo. Rhianna wanted to cash it into cash-my-gold and Viki wanted it to be sent to the Natural History Museum. Only Allanah had the same thinking as me. After her umbrella deed our trio welcomed her into the newly formed quartet. She remained shy and timid but was a new person to the loner we had previously experienced

The rain lashed down violently at the windows eliminating any chance of a fun bank holiday weekend. The storm that had swept the nation grew into its second week and showed no sign of stopping. So I spent another miserable Saturday playing with my skull. Desite being ancient it was in perfect condition and the jaw seemed as strong and useful as mine. To test my thinking I began playing with the mouth; opening it then biting down again and again

I yelped in pain as the golden teeth slammed down shut on my finger. I outstretched my hand as an automatic reflex but the skull hung tight like an angry bulldog. My heart began beating faster as some power or some magic coursed through my veins. I ripped the skull from my damaged finger and splashing blood on the carpet. The scary thing was that my blood was pure black as was the end of my finger.

The End

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